Thank You, Mr. Wang

Michelle Lee, Sports Editor

History has always gotten a bad reputation as a subject, full of battles that all sound the same and incomprehensible dates. For some students, maybe it just was not their destiny to spend their school days learning about how Napoleon was attacked by a horde of bunnies or about how the use of forks was once considered blasphemous, but for many others, it was the teacher, not the subject, that ultimately decided whether they would pick up the history textbook. When asked about their experiences, most students just remember that the history textbook was so boring that even after reading 200 pages, no information was retained, or hours upon hours of listening to monotonous lectures that go in one ear and out the other. What those students have not experienced is having Mr. Wang as a teacher.

With his self-made history memes and 2008 sense of humor, Mr. Wang is unlike any other history teacher on campus. Instead of reading about gerrymandering, his students gerrymander with expired M&Ms and instead of hearing a lecture about the American colonies, his students play a choose-your-own-adventure game among looming British threats and attacking Native Americans. While Mr. Wang might have an unconventional teaching style, his lessons are a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional assigned readings. Ironically, what makes his lessons so engaging is that they are catered toward his own learning style as well. He incorporates what he likes into the lessons, hoping that his students will like them as well. Mr. Wang is a teacher that is not afraid to express his thoughts to his students, making him not only a teacher but a friend as well.

Mr. Wang has given many students a new perspective on history. No matter the time, he is always willing and eager to answer any student’s question, making them feel welcome. He places emphasis on learning activities that allow students to communicate and cooperate. Throw in a few dad jokes and history related memes, and learning with Mr. Wang is truly fun. Most significant is Mr. Wang’s enthusiasm for what he does. Whatever the topic, he speaks passionately, engaging students and making them interested to learn. So thank you, Mr. Wang, for all you have done.