The Rise of Everlane’s Recycled Outerwear Collection


Kylie Ha, Staff Writer

As an American clothing retailer brand, Everlane’s new collection of outerwear reveals classic wardrobe staples that feel modern and look fresh. Recently, four repurposed clothing collections were revealed: ReKnit (a footwear fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles), ReDown (a collection of recycled-down outwear), ReCashmere (a collection of recovered sweaters from goat-hair fibers), and ReWool (coats made from wool and recycled nylon). 

This is a continuation of the first product that was launched; called ReNew, with a range of outerwear, tops, and intimates made up of recycled-polyester fabrics.

In addition, Everlane released a sneaker imprint, known as Tread, last spring, committed to making “the world’s lowest-impact sneakers ever.” The first model of the sneaker contained a sole that was almost 95% free of virgin plastic. The leather that gives the sneaker a clean and crisp look comes from a Vietnamese factory that uses solar energy and significantly less water to process their hides. 

ReDown includes puffer jackets made of goose and duck down, which makes them the coziest coats for the winter season. The down comes from the discarded material in the pillows and comforters that have traveled through collection bins throughout Europe, where it’s sorted out by their quality and sterilized to reuse. 

Along with jackets and sweaters, Everlane’s ReKnit consists of breathable fabric covering the all-favorite flats. The lightweight knit material, which is made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles, took years to develop. Each shoe consists of eight plastic bottles. Once the boot version was released, it sold out just as quickly. 

Made up of 60% recycled cashmere and 40% non-mulesed, extra-fine merino wool, Everlane’s ReCashmere is created through their Italian mill that collects discarded cashmere sweaters. The plethora of fall-friendly options is created by blending the yarn with animal-friendly merino wool to create new colors. 

The typical Italian overcoat look is part of ReWool, constructed out of premium wool and recycled nylon for durability. However, the coat, made of 62% recycled wool and 32% recycled nylon, only comes in one model. 

Everlane’s pledge to eliminate new plastic from their supply chains by 2021 makes the entire release of ReNew the most extensively offered pieces in the brand’s eco-friendly lineup. It includes bulky parkas and bomber jackets that are formulated of 100% recycled polyester! Other students such as senior Manon Diaz,find their recycled materials “so considerate and resourceful” and that people need to “be more thoughtful” towards the world.

Besides their growing collection of outwear, Everlane’s new releases for other tops, handbags, and carryall totes are set to be launched soon. Senior Tiffany Hu comments “recycled outerwear is something that we should strive for, since it will help our environment, but people who aren’t as environmentally conscience will only buy what they think looks good.”  

If Everlane’s promise to eliminate virgin plastic from their supply chain by 2021 is kept, there will be almost enough pieces of clothing to ensure that your wardrobe is entirely recycled!

Photo Courtesy of WIRED.COM