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Aaron Siri on Missouri v. Biden, First Amendment Jurisprudence, Basic Freedoms, Separation of Powers | ATL:NOW

“I think this might be one of the most consequential decisions in First Amendment jurisprudence in 200 years. You have a federal judge, in a case brought by two states in America—so, two attorney generals: Missouri and Louisiana—saying that the federal government has violated the First Amendment of the United States Constitution by colluding widely with social media companies to censor speech.”

In this episode, I sit down with Aaron Siri, managing partner at Siri & Glimstad, to discuss the landmark First Amendment case Missouri v. Biden.

“What our federal government was doing with social media companies was a massive step in that direction towards the repressive terror of regimes we’ve seen of old,” says Mr. Siri.

After the judge granted the plaintiffs a preliminary injunction against the federal government, the latter requested a stay on the injunction.

“Basically, they went back to the judge and said, ‘Please let us continue violating the First Amendment.’ And the judge said, ‘No,'” says Mr. Siri.

Since the taping of this interview, a federal appeals court has temporarily paused the lower court order limiting communications between top Biden administration officials and social media companies about content posted to their platforms.

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