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The Epoch Times is America’s fastest-growing independent news media. Founded in 2000, our mission is to bring you a truthful view of the world free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party. We aim to tell you what we see, not how to think; we strive to deliver you a factual picture of reality that lets you form your own opinions.

The “epoch” in our name represents our commitment to this mission. We believe that we live in truly epochal times, where the faithful representation of our current events won’t just be important for the people of today, but also the generations of tomorrow. The records we keep now will directly inform the foundations of the history they’ll learn and the values they’ll cherish – and this knowledge is what drives us.

We distill a story down to the facts and get readers as close to the truth as we can. We like to think that it’s the greatest responsibility we shoulder as media in today’s rapidly changing world

Fighting back against censorship

As our English edition has been gaining popularity in the United States and the rest of the Free World, our efforts at advertising The Epoch Times have been increasingly interrupted by various Western companies.

True journalism against all odds

Over the course of twenty years, we’ve always tried to keep our reporting truthful and responsible to our readers, who count on us to give them the facts.

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