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How to Restore Lost Sense of Smell and Taste After COVID-19 Infection

A 17-year-old boy still had no sense of smell or taste six months after a COVID-19 infection. But after seeing an integrative and Chinese medicine doctor, they were fully restored.

How does treating the body’s energy system succeed in treating COVID-19 where modern medicine often fails?

An estimated 800,000 Americans haven’t regained their sense of smell, while some 540,000 haven’t regained their sense of taste since having COVID-19. These are sizable chunks of the 36 million in America who have had a COVID-19 infection.

How does COVID-19 cause the loss of taste and smell? Does this leave us with more to worry about than just being unable to smell and taste our food?

On Vital Signs with Brendon Fallon, Dr. Jingduan Yang MD explains the loss of smell and taste from the acupuncture standpoint, and what can be done to restore these vital senses.

Dr. Yang specializes in psychiatry and integrative medicine. Following family tradition, he is also a fifth-generation teacher and practitioner of Chinese medicine, specializing in acupuncture.

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Smell and Taste Loss Associated with COVID-19 Infection

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After COVID-19, 800,000 Americans Still Have No Smell; 540,000 No Taste

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