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Vol. 3 Issue 7
American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 6
American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 5
American Essence issue
Vol. 3 Issue 4
Book Review: ‘Miracles’: A Novel of the Unbelievable
‘Welcome Home’: Near-Death Experience Rekindles Atheist’s Faith
Intelligent Brains Are Slower in Processing Complex Information: Study
Book Review: ‘In This Moment’
Traditional Culture
When Materialism Infringes on Religion’s Domain
When a Culture Loses Touch With Its Mythos
Paradise Lost?
Treasures From the Past: Our Libraries, Public and Private
1942’s ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’
Theater: Staging the World Versus Re-Staging the World
Musical Review: ‘Days of Wine and Roses’
How the Three Tenors Changed the World of Classical Music
John Donne’s ‘A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning’
Comical Corrections: ‘How I Edited an Agricultural Paper’
Book Recommendation: ‘Master Slave Husband Wife’
Epoch Booklist: Recommended Reading for July 14–20
Film Review: ‘The Deepest Breath’
Film Review: ‘The Deepest Breath’
PG | 1h 48m | Documentary, Biography, Sports | 19 July 2023 (USA) Before watching the new documentary “The Deepest Breath,” I’d never heard of “freediving,” and I would consider myself reasonably well-informed when it comes ...
Film Review: ‘Warhorse One’
TV Docuseries Review: ‘Quarterback’
Film Review: ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’
Rewind, Review, and Re-rate: ‘The Conversation’
NTD Classical Chinese Dance Competition
Why Chinese Dance Is Thriving Outside China
Faith Drives Dancer to Show World the Truth About China
Through Classical Chinese Dance, a Grander Vision of the World
Gold Winner Lillian Parker: ‘Art Is Endless’
NTD International Piano Competition
The 6th NTD International Piano Competition Revives the Glory of Classical Music
Winners Announced for NTD’s 6th International Piano Competition
2022 NTD International Piano Competition: Future Stars Concert & Award Ceremony
Death and Transfiguration at the NTD International Piano Competition: Finalist Jiusi Zhang
NTD International Chinese Vocal Competition
International Chinese Vocal Competition Showcases Traditional Vocal Arts
2022 NTD International Chinese Vocal Competition
NTD International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition
NTD International Figure Painting Competition
Lauren Tilden: ‘Birds of the Air, Grass of the Field’ | Pure Beauty
Pure Beauty: ‘Yin and Yang’ | NTD International Figure Painting Competition
‘The Evil CCP Will Crumble’: Polish-Born Artist Depicts Children Persecuted in China
Pure Beauty: ‘Between Generations’
NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant
Miss NTD, Global Chinese Beauty Pageant, Searches for Inner Beauty
Miss NTD Global Chinese Beauty Pageant Celebrates Ancient Values
New Beauty Pageant Seeks to Revive Traditional Femininity and Inner Virtues
IN-DEPTH: Imagine If John Lennon Had Lived Past 1980: How AI Is Changing Our History
‘How Great Thou Art’: The Swedish Poem That Became a World-Famous Hymn
Serving up Mostly Mozart: A Concert of ‘Shining Stars’
5,000 Australians Expected in ‘Nutbush’ World Record Attempt to Honour Tina Turner
Eddie Rickenbacker: ‘The Great Indestructible’
Firebrand for Independence: Dr. Joseph Warren
Book Review: ‘Naval Battle of Crete 1941′
Fame and Sacrifice: Lieutenant Audie Murphy