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China in Focus

Tiffany Meier


Prodigy Warns Congress About China’s AI Ambition

July 19, 2023
The race for AI is ramping up. The United States grapples to maintain its lead, as China picks up the pace. Now a key leader in the area is warning Washington that it can't afford to lose. A former secretary of state arrives in Beijing for a surprise visit—as a friend to China, in his words. Linked to the COVID-19 lab leak theory, the Wuhan Institute is now officially barred from getting U.S. funding. The world's two biggest carbon emitters are reigniting talks on climate change. But just how crucial are climate talks for China—as the country swelters under scorching heat waves and devastating floods—and with extreme weather straining its power grids and threatening vital crops? Topics in this episode: Prodigy Warns Congress About China's AI Ambition China Praises Former Sec. of State Kissinger's Policy in Surprise China Trip White House Sanctioned Wuhan Lab for COVID-19 Connections ‘Outlaw Alliance’: Report Points to Beijing Behind Overseas Chinese Mafias Separate Climate from Politics: John Kerry in Beijing China Reels from Heatwave Amid Climate Talks With U.S. Extreme Weather Tests China's Food, Power Supply China's Troubling Economy 'Good for America': Navarro on U.S.-China's 'Parasitic Economic Relationship'
            Special Report: The Pandemic’s Wall Street Connection
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