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Toxic Chemicals Found in 45 Percent of US Water: Here’s Where | Facts Matter

July 19, 2023
A new study was just released showing that at least 45 percent of American tap water contains what are known as forever chemicals. This five-year-long study was conducted across the nation from 2016 to 2021. What is perhaps the most startling revelation in this paper is that this was actually the first government study of its kind. Despite the fact that these forever chemicals have been known to be present in waterways for the past 50 years now, this type of study had never been conducted before. In fact, according to the United States Geological Survey, the agency behind this research, “[This study marks] the first time anyone has tested for and compared PFAS in tap water from both private and government-regulated public water supplies [on a broad scale throughout the United States.]” That is both shocking and also just leaves one wondering what else the federal government says is safe—while at the same time, not actually doing any scientific testing. Let’s dig into the details of the actual research. Episode Resources: 🔵 PFAS Map: 🔵 Full Study: 🔵 Water Testing Resources:
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