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NTD News Today (July 19): Witness Describes Soldier’s North Korea Dash; GOP Reps. Accuse Democrats of Banning Gas Stoves

July 19, 2023
More information is emerging about the U.S. soldier who fled into North Korea on Tuesday. Court documents and a lawyer representing Travis King reveal that he was facing two assault allegations, and had been fined in South Korea for damaging a police car. House Republicans are accusing the Biden administration of wanting to ban gas stoves—but without knowing how the home appliances actually work. Meanwhile, Democrats say the measure is not a ban, and that their proposals would only be beneficial to Americans. The Biden administration is suspending funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The move follows a months-long review that determined the Chinese research institute was not compliant with federal safety regulations. Topics in this episode include: 1. Court Docs Reveal More on Soldier in N. Korea 2. Witness Describes Soldier’s North Korea Dash 3. House GOP Accuse Dems of Banning Gas Stoves 4. Pilot Explains Delays: Airlines Understaffed 5. Principal Leaves Education for Home Schooling 6. Cosmetics Giant Estée Lauder Discovers Hack 7. Commerce Dept. Adds Two Firms to Blacklist 8. High Defense Production a Good Thing: Fisher 9. Americans Not Saving Fast Enough: Report 10. New Heat Record in Phoenix: 19 Days Above 110 11. Home Geothermal Heat Pumps Offer Efficiency 12. Biden Admin. Suspends Funding for Wuhan Lab 13. China’s Trade in ‘Severe’ Situation: Official 14. Japan Responds to China Wastewater Criticism 15. Hong Kong Considers Japanese Seafood Ban 16. UK Spy Chief Seeks Info from Russians 17. Russia Cancels Grain Deal: Impact on U.S. 18. U.S. Passport Ranked 8th Most Powerful 19. Chicago Sausage King Brings Smiles 20. Could This Be Causing Your Stomach Pain? 21. Exotic Fish Caught in Neighborhood Pond
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