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[World Brain Day Watch Party: Jul 22 8:30pm ET] Brain Fitness 101: Ultimate Guide to Optimal Brain Health | The Dr. Monti Show

March 24, 2023
Health is key to success in the world. But sadly, most of us are not getting the right health information to live our best lives—to really thrive, to think with precision, to feel energized as we face the world each day, and to be free of illness. Health used to be what the field of medicine was all about. *Follow us for a HEALTHY dose of inspiration & WELLNESS updates! ?? Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Gettr | Gab | Truth Social But did you know that while the United States leads the world in medical technologies, life expectancy in America is the lowest of all comparable countries? Canadians, Germans, the French, British, and Japanese can all expect to outlive Americans. And if we're talking about people staying healthy while aging, the United States doesn't crack the top 30 list of countries where people live well—in a literal sense—into their twilight years. At the same time, chronic disease and mental illness are both on the rise. It seems like Americans are increasingly unhealthy and unhappy. So what's happening? Why do our advances in medicine not translate to better health? What can we do to change the direction of health care in our country? Dr. Daniel Monti is the CEO and founding director of Thomas Jefferson University's Marcus Institute of Integrative Health. Three years ago, he established the first-ever Integrative Medicine & Nutritional department at a U.S. medical school. Now, he's leading a scientific team focused on solving these severe problems. The pandemic has made an already dire situation worse, making his work more critical now than ever. Could part of the answer be a blending of forgotten ancient health principles with the latest modern technologies? What emerging therapies can bridge the gap between health care and health, giving countless patients their lives back? Join Monti in this series as he gathers top medical experts, explores high-impact actions we can all take, and hopefully move U.S. health care in the right direction, allowing all of us to lead a healthier and happier life. Brain Fitness 101: Ultimate Guide to Optimal Brain Health | The Dr. Monti Show
      [World Brain Day Watch Party: Jul 22 8:30pm ET] Brain Fitness 101: Ultimate Guide to Optimal Brain Health | The Dr. Monti Show
    About the show
    Looking for a way to take your health and wellness to the next level? Look no further than The Dr. Monti Show! Tune in as Dr. Daniel Monti shares his cutting-edge insights and expertise on the fascinating world of integrative health and nutrition. Whether you're looking to unlock the full potential of your brain or achieve optimal physical and mental wellness, Dr. Monti has you covered. So what are you waiting for? Join us on this exciting journey to wellness today!
    Dr. Daniel Monti is a leading expert in integrative health and nutrition, dedicated to helping people achieve optimal brain function and overall wellness. As the CEO of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health and founder of the first integrative medicine department at a U.S. medical school—Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University—Dr. Monti brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his work.
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