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California ‘Hell-Bent on Medicalizing Our Children’: Alix Mayer on Lawsuits Against Medical Coercion | ATL:NOW

“California seems hell-bent on medicalizing our children as a pretense to take them away from their parents. There’s some really bad bills in the legislature right now … Your child, as young as 12 years old, could be talking to a school counselor and say, ‘my parents don’t support my decisions,’ and that day, that child could be routed to an in-home treatment center and not come home from school,” says Alix Mayer, co-founder of Free Now Foundation.

Mayer is an advocate for parental rights and medical freedom.

She’s involved with one lawsuit against Santa Clara University because of its vaccine mandate. One of the plaintiffs, Harlow Glenn, says she agreed to get her first Pfizer shot to comply with the university’s vaccine mandate, but suffered a severe injury.

“It put her in the hospital. She was urinating blood, she was numb from the waist down, she lost a lot of her hair—she was sick for months. And she still has medical problems to this day, and it’s two years later,” Mayer says.

Despite this, her second request for medical exemption was also denied, and she was asked to get a second shot and booster to comply with the university’s mandate.

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