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EPOCHTV, a new paid subscription-based video streaming platform, is for people who want truthful and uncensored news. We have an eclectic team of marketers, journalist, operations folks, and more. Our content includes in depth news analysis, interviews, and investigation documentaries. As you know, we face censorship on many fronts. When YouTube demonetized us early this year, we knew we had to create our own video platform. So, Epoch TV is our solution to big tech censorship. Our new video platform enables you to watch your favorite Epoch TV programs

Epoch TV

How you can work with us

Welcome! if you are a film production company or create your own content, Please know that there are various ways you can partner with Epoch TV or Epoch Cinemas. Below are the most common forms that we currently offer.



if you would like to provide us your content for free to streams, we can add promotional links along with the videos to promote this content or your brand on our streaming platform.
Good For: Content that is already free to watch elsewhere or may be more dated, but still want brand recognition.



You can provide us with content and we can add it on our VOD platform as paid content, where (non) Subscribers will have to pay a certain amount to watch it. Both parties can split the revenue each month.
Good For: Content that can be exclusive on our VOD platform and if they are new releases that you want to promote.



You can provide us with some content to put on our platform, then we refer our aduiences to your website where they can buy/purchase more content from your brand/company, in which case you will give us a portion back as part of our referral.
Good For: When you already have a product(s) you want to sell to your audiences.



We are also open to other partnerships/collaborations that are not listed aboved! if more than on offer suits your needs, we can combine them into a custom partnership with your brand/company. Just let us know what your needs and requirement are.

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