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Soeren Kern on the Riots in France and What the Media Is Leaving Out of Its Coverage | ATL:NOW

“What we’re seeing, really, is the end of multiculturalism as we know it.”

Soeren Kern, a writing fellow at the Middle East Forum, joins me to discuss the riots currently sweeping through France—and that have now begun spilling into neighboring countries. Contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative that the civil unrest is strictly a response to French racism and police brutality, Mr. Kern argues that the issue is far more complicated.

“Policymakers in Europe are still unwilling to acknowledge the problem at hand … which is the inability to assimilate or integrate millions and millions of people. So, what we saw in France is just the beginning—I think—of great civil unrest here in Europe,” says Mr. Kern.

He explains how after World War II, the general sentiment throughout Western Europe was that nationalism was the cause of war, and that diluting national identities could reduce the chance of future war. This, argues Mr. Kern, has led to a misguided 40-year-long migration policy that is now eroding the fabric of several European nations.

“Many European countries are trying to bribe their citizens into having more children by paying them to have children,” says Mr. Kern. “But I think the birth rates among the migrant populations in Europe are so far higher than the European ones, that this is really an impossible situation. So, my perspective is that Europe is going to be riddled with conflict for decades to come.”

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