The Apache Pow Wow

2017-2018 Staff

Ashley Lee

Staff Writer

Ashley Lee is currently a junior and a second year writer for The Apache Pow Wow. Her favorite foods are poke and ice cream! During her free time, she enjoys playing piano, sleeping, and hanging with friends. She hopes she will...

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Amber Chong


Amber is a relentless dreamer, incessant eater, and mildly aggressive t.v. watcher. In her free time, she shameless-sings Sam Smith, experiments (perhaps dangerously) in the kitchen, and reads literature that gives her ~feeling...

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Aaron Chan

Staff Writer

Aaron is a relatively chilled person who loves to entertain himself with online games. When he doesn't want to be on the computer, he tends to stay outside of his house and go where he desires to. His favorite activity would be...

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Alyssa Rave

Staff Writer

Alyssa is a sophomore who is in her second year of The Apache Pow Wow. Despite not having a lot of free time, she plays scrabble any chance she gets. Need entertainment? Just talk to her!

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Anabell Xu

Staff Writer

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's— oh wait, it's just Anabell. Never mind, nothing to see here. (Unless of course, you count her relentless sarcasm and that she’s a writer for Pow Wow. She also loves ice cream, so make of...

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Andrea Liu

Center Spread Editor

Andrea's existence can be summed up with a picture of Kermit, especially the one where he's on fire. She loves dogs, Adidas track pants, hot pot from Boiling Point, and the sneezing emoji. Lana Del Rey is her queen.

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Andrew Muliadi

Sports Editor

Andy is an amazing boyfriend. Andy has loves watching Parks and Recreation. Andy is very nonchalant and loves making friends.

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Andrew Wang

Campus Focus Editor

Andrew has been a part of the Apache Pow Wow program for three years, with this year being his fourth. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, swimming, and, most importantly, memes. He says, "Honestly the only thing I look forward...

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Ariana Parizadeh

Staff Writer

Ariana Parizadeh is a freshy who loves running and playing her out of tune piano. In what was supposed to be her freetime, you can find her procrastinating on her homework trying to take aesthetic photos in her yard.

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Benjamin Yeh

Staff Writer

Benjamin might seem lazy sometimes, but in reality, he strives to do the most in the least amount of effort possible. What's important however, is the completion and final product which is always to the best of his ability. Also,...

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Braden Wong

Staff Writer

Braden Wong is a contemplative member of the Apache Pow Wow seeking to improve and find methods to grow and channel his creativity and critical thinking through the pen. Pow Wow has become an increasingly important supplement...

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Bradford Yau

Staff Writer

Bradford is an interesting student of Pow Wow to say the least. He enjoys spending his time watching sports and now editing videos. He is also on the tennis team and loves to play whenever he can. One interesting fact of him is...

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Brandon Chen

Student Life Editor

Brandon likes to take his dog, Pismo, to the beach. Which one? Pismo beach, you sea! Not that it's anything spe-shell, but in his free time, he likes to surf the net as well. Overall, he's just your average teenage buoy. Oh, an...

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Caitlin Wang

Staff Writer

Caitlin Wang is a freshmen this year at Arcadia High School and is so pumped to be writing for Pow Wow! In her free time, she enjoys shopping and watching LOTS of YouTube. She also volunteers at the Arcadia Assistance League....

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Camille Marquez

Features Editor

Camille needs inspiration on what to write here. She gets too excited about receiving emails and solving riddles. She currently wants taiyaki and a pop tart. For a person who claims to like reading, Camille doesn't read much but...

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Cammie Wei

Staff Writer

Cammie is a freshman interested in mythology, plants, health, music, and the arts. She loves to sing and jam out with friends, particularly a cappella, acoustic, or hip hop. Aspires to be sing, act, and rap as well as Mitch Grassi....

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Cassidy Chhay

Staff Writer

This is Cassidy's first year in Pow Wow. She is a proud member of Slytherin and enjoys doing arts and crafts, reading, and surfing the internet. Her favorite color is green and her favorite series is Harry Potter due to the magical...

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Christie Wang

Staff Writer

This is Christie's second year as a writer for The Apache Pow Wow. At school, she is captain of the volleyball team and officer in the Promoting Literacy club. In her free time, she volunteers at Methodist Hospital and likes to...

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Christine Law

Staff Writer

Christine is currently a junior and enjoys drawing, going to the beach, and watching sunsets. Her favorite dogs are Shiba Inus and she enjoys looking at dog memes in her free time. She also enjoys watching various shows, such...

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Christy Qiu

Design Editor

Christy is overjoyed to be part of the wonderful POW WOW! She is an avid Netflix watcher, and some of her favorite shows are Parks and Recreations and The Office. She is also a Potterhead and is extremely prideful of her house--Gryffindor!...

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Cindy Tse

Staff Writer

Cindy is a junior, and this is her third year in Pow Wow. Her favorite color is matcha green, and her favorite drink is matcha green tea. She is very non-athletic except for in dance and badminton.

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Collin Gaja

Sports Editor

He loves to play guitar, the bass, and the drums. Playing video games is his favorite activity. He loves all dark colors. He needs a name for his pet fish, please help. ...

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Conner Hua

Staff Writer

Conner is in the AHS Speech and Debate Team as well as the Apache Pow Wow. He enjoys swimming as well as listening to music. One of his favorite places to go is Malibu. ...

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Crystal Chin

Staff Writer

Crystal likes spending time surfing through YouTube videos and procrastinating on her homework and studying. You can most likely find Crystal either chilling with her friends or at home enjoying the sweet bliss of doing nothing....

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Cynthia Lin

Staff Writer

Cynthia Lin is a current junior who LOVES dogs and cows. She also enjoys trying different foods and binge-watching Netflix in her free time. Cynthia hopes to travel the world someday, and own at least 3 dogs! You can find Cynthia...

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Elaine Vuong

Staff Writer

Elaine is currently a senior at Arcadia High School. She likes watching anime and reading manga in her spare time, or hanging out with her friends whenever she can. She is the ICC Rep. for the Astronomy Club and is Treasurer for...

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Ellie Lee

Photography Editor

Ellie is a caffeine addict that likes to binge watch Netflix in her free time. She loves photography and spending time with her friends. She loves the color green and good music!

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Elyse Yao

Webmaster/Executive Copy Editor

Elyse is a disillusioned idealist chasing too many dreams at the same time. Since she likes anime, video games, and DnD, she's therefore predestined to live in her parents' nonexistent basement. She's an environmentalist and self-proclaimed...

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Emily Chen

Staff Writer

Emily enjoys drawing, reading comics, and petting cats. She is a self-proclaimed science geek and gets way too excited about new sci-fi movies. Most of her free time is spent doodling or learning useless fun facts on Wikipedia.

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Frances Cheung

Performing Arts Editor

Frances Cheung loves giraffes, and truly believes she has a connection with them as her spirit animal. In her free time, she enjoys cooking pasta and experimenting with different ways of creating the dish, since she has yet to...

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Ganga Prasanth

Staff Writer

Ganga is an excited freshman who is known for drawing. Her favorite food is pretty much anything that has to do with chocolate. Her hobbies include swimming, making food (unsuccessfully), and eating icecream. Also, she loves Hunger...

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Grace Hong

Staff Writer

Despite the name, Grace is the opposite of graceful, and you can find her tripping over just about anything. She is currently a sophomore who enjoys playing tennis. She also loves watching live-streams of cats, and is guilty of...

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Ian Sutliff

Staff Writer

Ian is very funny and he loves sports. Baseball is his favorite sport and he also likes to be around friends and family. He is very athletic and loves to play and watch sports. While sports are a big part of his life, Ian loves...

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Jasmine Ooang

Staff Writer

Jasmine is the textbook definition of a babbler. She can talk endlessly for hours about all of her late night mix-a-bowl cravings and her insane passion for boba. During her free time, she'll run into a pole while waving hello,...

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Jenny Qiu

Staff Writer

Jenny Qiu is a freshman who is excited to be in Pow Wow. She spends a lot of time on the internet, from reading stories to watching YouTube. In her free time, she enjoys eating watermelon, solving puzzles and her Rubik's Cube,...

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Jocelyn Hu

Staff Writer

Jocelyn is currently a junior and she is obsessed with anything pink or purple. Her favorite things to do are shopping, hanging out with friends, and browsing for new music to listen to. She has a mini brown poodle named Bingo...

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Jeremy Du

Staff Writer

Jeremy is a junior at Arcadia High and this is his first year on The Apache Pow Wow staff. He is often engrossed in school work but in his free time, he likes listening to pop or pop rock music and trying new foods. He loves eating...

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Jocelyn Chin

Staff Writer

Jocelyn is in her first year of high school. She enjoys memes, cooking, and watching Youtube. Her life goal is to own a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer and her favorite is purple.

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Jocelyn Liao

Performing Arts Editor

Jocelyn Liao is a weird, awkward, and quirky person, but she is also kind and wants to be your friend. Cooking and baking is something that she loves to do on her free time, as well as, watching Netflix and Youtube. Another thing...

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Jocelyn Thao

Staff Writer

Jocelyn is a freshman who just needs a few minutes of total SILENCE. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing calligraphy, journaling, painting, browsing JetPens, working on her blog, watching videos, and cleaning her room. To...

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Jolene Huey

Staff Writer

Jolene is a freshman who is in orchestra and on the varsity tennis team. She enjoys watching tennis Grand Slams, reading the Sherlock Holmes Series, and listening to pop music. Her favorite tennis player is currently Alexander ...

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Josie Chen

Staff Writer

Josie is a hardworking sophomore who loves to spend time with her family and friends. She is the older sister of two younger brothers and is currently on the tennis team. Her hobbies include watching Grey's Anatomy, jumping around...

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Justin Cun

Staff Writer

Justin enjoys playing golf and spending time with friends. His favorite subjects are science and English. He prefers dogs over cats. ...

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Justin Liao

Staff Writer

In summary, you could say he is a very nerdy person. He spends most of his time on technology, and he is obsessed with it. He spends weekends with family and on his computer, mostly either watching YouTube, Netflix, or coding....

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Justin Chen

Staff Writer

Justin likes to play golf, watch anime, and sleep in his free time. He also enjoys playing PAD (Puzzles and Dragons) on his phone, and may be a little addicted. Although he may sound like a nerd, he is also fun and outgoing. ...

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Kaitlyn Liao

Editor in Chief

Kaitlyn is a bubbly, optimistic senior who loves expressing her creativity through her art, calligraphy, and bullet journal. Her indecisive personality leads her to have many diverse interests that she wants to pursue in the chapter...

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Julia Lin


Julia Lin is Pow Wow's coolest EIC and a member of Junior Hit List at Elements Dance Space (shameless promotion!!!!!). She'll usually have a minimum of three books checked out from the school library at any given time because s...

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Kaitlyn Tran

Staff Writer

Kaitlyn Tran loves to eat chicken noodle soup and draw when she's bored. Her favorite color is yellow and she likes to watch Steven Universe! Additionally, she enjoys looking at some quality art and sleeping in whenever she can.

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Kaitlin Lee

Staff Writer

Kaitlin Lee somehow survived freshman year and is now a sophomore. Her hobbies include reading and writing. Currently, she's working on three screenplays and two novels, but is trying to focus on one. Kaitlin is also in Speech...

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Kali Tam

Staff Writer

Kali loves eating all kinds of desserts and pasta, except for the ones that have vegetables in them. She spends too much time looking for DIY projects and recipes on Pinterest and Youtube, and still has yet to successfully recreate...

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Kayli Mak

Staff Writer

Kayli's name is never seen without a squiggly red line beneath it. She hates that. She wants people to know that if they dotted their T's and crossed their I's instead of crossing their T's and crossing their I's, they would just...

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Kobe Yu

Staff Writer

Kobe is definitely a dog-person. He enjoys movie jumping, dog petting, and buying various patterns of duct tape. He can never deny free-samples, especially those at Costco. He hopes to major in environmental science and someday...

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Kristen Chan

Photography Editor

Kristen is a senior at Arcadia High School. She likes to read, binge on Netflix, and eat. Her favorite shows include The Blacklist, Fixer Upper, and Friends.

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Kristen Tran

News Editor

Kristen's interest in writing bloomed when she fell in love with reading. She struggles with tests on the weekdays and finds herself tackling difficult cake recipes in the weekends all while trying to get peace and quiet in a...

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Maggie Wong

Opinion Editor

Maggie is bad at a lot of things (like math and public speaking), but watching Twin Peaks with her Corgi/Golden Retriever/??? mix, Watson, is not one of them! She enjoys the musical stylings of Lorde, Sara Bareilles, The Paper...

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Margaret Lin

Staff Writer

Margaret is currently a freshman who enjoys sleeping until noon on weekends because she's perpetually tired. Her hobbies include playing badminton, binge-watching K-dramas, and listening to K-pop. She doesn't have a favorite movie,...

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Martha Kelley

Staff Writer

Martha is currently a sophomore here at AHS. She is super excited for her first year in Pow Wow, and loves to read and write. She is definitely a dog person, and also loves to run.

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Maruko Myint

Calendar Editor

Maruko commonly goes by the name "Mar", which (FUN FACT!!) means sea in spanish (she takes japanese though). Mar loves Disneyland, relaxed days, and her 6 friends. She's also a sad victim of procrastination in times of deadlines,...

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Michelle Lee

Staff Writer

In other people's eyes, Michelle might be considered lazy but in reality, Michelle is just careful about how she uses her energy. She loves eating and is always up for free food. Michelle loves to read but thinks romance books...

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Moriah Chang

Staff Writer

Moriah is currently a 15-year-old sophomore attending Arcadia High School. Aside from busy school work, she enjoys socializing with her friends and attending church services. Some of her hobbies include reading, swimming, and...

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Natalie Samadi

Staff Writer

Natalie loves dogs (especially shiba inus) and llamas. She enjoys playing badminton, sewing, and spending time watching YouTube videos. Additionally, she never hesitates to snack. Some of her favorite snacks include Cheetos, Lays,...

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Nathan Guo

Staff Writer

Nathan Guo is a senior. He likes to run, bike, and cook sometimes. He's also a massive Gordon Ramsay fan.

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Nicole Soong

Staff Writer

Nicole is a very friendly person who really likes blue. She enjoys watching Korean drama and hanging out with friends when she has time. She also likes to travel with her family!

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Noelle Natividad

Staff Writer

Noelle is a junior at Arcadia High School and loves reading, writing, and traveling. She is coincidentally named after her favorite holiday and she believes in feminism, faith, and the future. ...

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Paul Lee

Student Life Editor

Paul is a loner who craves social interaction. He is a perfectionist who never achieves perfection. He loves anime but is not a weeaboo. He wants to succeed but spends too much time watching Buzzfeed on YouTube. See, his whole...

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Rachel Lee

Staff Writer

Rachel is currently a junior at Arcadia High School. She loves dogs and enjoys listening to Christmas music all year long. An avid Disney lover, Rachel loves going to Disneyland/Disneyworld and is (im)patiently waiting for the...

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Reiko Inoue

Opinion Editor

Reiko is a junior at Arcadia High School and is excited for this school year. She loves Ghibli movies, playing with her pets and reading cool memoirs. She draws unsuspecting people and dances badly to pop music, like that of Dua...

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Roselind Zeng

Staff Writer

She loves to eat, waste time, and sleep. Her hours of sleep range from 4 to 12 hours, so her mood is unpredictable. She likes to doodle and draw, but admits that she's not very good at it. She loves manga and the Internet. She...

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Rukan Saif

Staff Writer

An avid Gilmore Girls enthusiast, Rukan Saif will embark on her second year at Arcadia High. Her heart lies with literature, s'mores flavored Pop Tarts, and Old Town Monrovia. She is excited to where this year will take her, an...

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Ryan Fann

Staff Writer

Ryan is a fun-loving senior who has been in Pow Wow for four years. When he is not stressing about college apps and school, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and sleeping. Also, watch him on APN. ...

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Sage Guzman

Staff Writer

Sage is a freshman so this is her first year with Pow Wow! She enjoys singing, acting, and playing basketball. In her free time you can find her reading, making singing videos she never actually posts, and posing on mountains—for...

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Sandi Khine

Design Editor

Sandi is a sophomore who is willing ​to sell her soul for more chocolate. She's passionate about politics, character analysis, feminism, and floral prints. Sandi enjoys meeting new people and is happiest when looking at memes...

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Sarah Wang

Academics Editor

Sarah enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods, and spending time with her pets, a Labrador named Honey and two dwarf bunnies! When she's not drowning in homework, she can be found cooking, playing piano, dancing, practicing...

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Shumin Chen

Staff Writer

Shumin is a sucker for cheesy quotes or any quotes in general. She procrastinates and watches K-drama, when she really should be doing her homework. She's also addicted to Potato Corner.

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Tanya Lee

Staff Writer

A current freshman, Tanya loves animals, dance, singing, reading, and skiing. An overachieving nerd perfectionist, Tanya plays flute and piano and participates in Science Olympiad. Cravings for Chipotle, ice cream, and sushi plague...

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Tiffany Chen

Advertisement Editor

Tiffany is a current senior at Arcadia High School who has been in Pow Wow for four years now. She enjoys watching tv and taking photos during her free time. Sometimes she decides to go outside and hang out with friends.

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Tiffany Liang

Academics Editor

Tiffany enjoys eating, sleeping, playing with her dogs, and hanging out with friends. Even though she looks like she's in a constant state of sadness, don't worry. That's just her normal face.

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Tracy Xia

Staff Writer

Tracy is a junior who likes watching k-pop videos and making slime. Her phone is running out of storage space due to her collection of ugly pictures and memes of her friends. She always takes a nap before she starts doing her...

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Trinity Chhay

Calendar Editor

Trinity doesn't know what she is supposed to write about for her bio. She doesn't know what she wants to do when she grows up. But she will survive it.

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Veronica Yu

Features Edtior

Veronica is a senior at Arcadia High School. She enjoys eating and watching movies, especially Disney and Studio Ghibli films. For pets, she has a turtle and two beta fishes, but would really love to have a cat and a dog. Additionally,...

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Vivian Kwang

News Editor

Vivian loves to eat food, ranging from Korean, to Japanese, then to Thai. In her spare time, Vivian loves to immerse herself in fantasy books while indulging on Marvel movies. She also loves her dog unconditionally.

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