The Apache Pow Wow

Anncine Lin
Anncine loves to dress in grayscale colors, but she does not think of herself as depressing. She hates dresses but loves her Adidas jacket. People always think she's spelling her own name wrong when the red squiggly line shows up on documents. Her life can be summed up in two words: music and TV. When she has free time, she immerses herself into the world of K-Pop, C-Pop, K-Drama, and C-Drama. Another obsession of hers that she prefers to keep quiet about is neon signs. She's always loved the cactus one from Urban Outfitters and wants to buy it for her room. All her friends tell her that she's too OCD, but she never listens to them and continues to be a very annoying perfectionist.

Anncine Lin, Staff Writer

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