The Apache Pow Wow

Maggie Wong
An ideal day in Maggie's life would include a good cup of coffee, a hike during sunrise, and sitting in the sun with her best friend, Watson, who has four legs and a penchant for chasing squirrels. She is a self-proclaimed gym rat, so if she's not responding to your text messages, she's probably got her hands full with barbells at the gym. The only TV show that has her heart is Person of Interest—if prompted, she absolutely will rattle off her favorite quotes and then launch into a vaguely existential tirade on ethics and artificial intelligence. She doesn't believe in black and white thinking; as such, she loves the beach, the mountains, writing, math, art, and science all equally. Mark her words, she'll shatter Hollywood's glass ceiling as a screenwriter, one way or another.

Maggie Wong, Editor in Chief

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