Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting an opinion piece to The Epoch Times. Please note that we require opinion submissions to be exclusive to the Epoch Times.

To help you understand what type of content we are looking for, please see our content guidelines below:

1. The Epoch Times welcomes pieces that are fact-based and add to an informed debate on topics of national relevance.

2. We are a non-partisan media that seeks to focus on the substance of topics. For that reason, we expect criticism to focus on policy and issues and not to focus on attacking any individual, political party, group, or entity. Science is always evolving and expanding and The Epoch Times wants to be a welcoming place that encourages professional discussion and friendly debate.

3. Our content is focused on truth and tradition—this means we look for truthful analysis of news and broader issues that impact society. We also look for stories that expound on values and traditions that benefit society.

Elements of a submission: We prefer submissions have a word count between 500 and 1,000 words. Please provide the text in the body of an email rather than an attachment. Please include your full name, email address, phone number, credentials, as well as sources for claims made in the submission. We will contact you as soon as possible if we are interested in using your submission.

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of submissions, we cannot respond to each individually.

All submissions should be submitted through this form here.


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