The Ultimate Guide to Natural Medicine
May 20, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Medicine

In This Issue
Accessible Herbal Medicine for Beginners
Cooking for Healing: The Medicinal Magic of Chicory
Licorice, the Sweet Root With Lots of Health Benefits
Thyme: Herb for Courage, Coughs, Purification, Pain Relief
The Two Best Herbs for Lead Poisoning
Stinging Nettle for Energy, Detoxification, and More
Chill Out and Soothe Pain with Mint
21 Incredible Benefits From Ashwagandha
Easter Lily, a Food and Medicine
Parsley for Bladder Infections, Osteoporosis, Digestive Problems, and Healthy Menstruation
Raspberry Leaf Helps Keep Moms Strong Before and After Pregnancy
Dill Soothes the Stomach, Mind, and Menstrual Issues
Apricot Kernel: Chinese Herb for Cough and Source of a Controversial Vitamin
Radishes Rank Highly for Ability to Aid Health
Understanding the Heart of Chinese Medicine
Healing the Heart With Hawthorn
Rosemary for Memory and Circulation
Hibiscus Tea for Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, and Inflammation
Cooking for Healing: How to Use Dandelions in Daily Meals
Get to Know Savory for Coughs, Sore Throat, Indigestion
Buckwheat for Cardiovascular Health, Stroke Prevention, and Diabetes
Fenugreek for Cholesterol, Diabetes, Menstrual Problems, and More
Herb Used in Cough Medicine Drug Also Helps Pain, Possibly Fibromyalgia
Use Sage for Headaches, Indigestion, Sore Throats, and More
Siberian Ginseng for Energy and Endurance
Get Calm and Focused With Lemon Balm
Boost Memory, Cognition With Rhodiola
Hormonal Balance for Everybody
Basil: Herb of Scorpions, Doctors, and Kings
Cilantro, One of Mankind's Most Popular Herbs
Soothe Poison Ivy, Rashes, Stings With This Common Plant
Plantain, the Earthly Traveler's Trusty Companion
Bloodroot for Skin Cancer
Ginkgo: Ancient Tree of Longevity
Castor Oil Packs: A Useful Natural Remedy
Rev Up Your Turmeric
Blueberries for Severe Trauma
Making the Most of Iron-Rich Food
A Tale of Two Rhubarbs
The Incredible Moringa Tree
The Noble Bay Leaf
5 Herbs for Bone Health
Science Loves This Superfood, So Why Aren't You Eating It?
Mushroom Soup Immunity, Iron, and Vitamin D (Recipe)
Silver: Metal as Medicine
Indian Vine Slays Sugar
Horseradish: Nature's Decongestant
Teff: Ethiopia's Gluten-Free Gift
Meet Chaga, Arctic Birch Fungus
The Secret Life of Christmas Plants
Ginseng Guards Against Viral Infections
Korean Red Ginseng: King of Adaptogens
How Herbs Treat Lyme Disease
Finding Balance With the 'Five Flavors'
Korean Red Ginseng: King of Adaptogens
Cooking With Adaptogens: Powerful Herbs and Fun Functional Foods
Milk Thistle Heals and Protects the Liver and Acts as Poison Antidote
Valerian for Insomnia, Anxiety, Pain, Drug Withdrawal, and ADHD
'Female Ginseng': A Famous Chinese Herb for Body Rejuvenation
Clary Sage for a Calm Mind and Hormonal Balance
Thunder God Vine Treats Cancer and Joint Pain, but at a High Price
Mullein, the Magical Plant That Sets Bones and Alleviates Coughs
Comfrey: A Healing Plant With a Misguided Reputation
How to Grow and Harvest Chamomile
The Healing Power of Chrysanthemums
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