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Touching Photo of Father and Son Wins Father’s Day Photo Awards

BY Angel Yuan TIMEJuly 19, 2023 PRINT

Gan Jing World’s 2023 #GJWBestDad Hashtag Photo Awards recently announced the results of the Father’s Day “Best Dad” photo contest.

Suzi Anna’s winning submission of a father and son playing outdoors will receive a cash prize of $1,000.

Judges praised the photograph’s quality and depth of interpretation in its meaning and message. “The photo depicts a father’s iconic role in lifting up his child’s dreams, providing support for an innocent and carefree childhood. No matter the price the father has to pay to support his child, through life’s ups and downs, he will forever be the pillar that lifts them up in their lives.”

The Father’s Day Photo Awards were held from June 1 to June 30 this year. For a chance to win a $1,000 prize, contestants were invited to honor their father for Father’s Day by sharing their best dad moments. During the contest period, a large number of touching entries were received as the Gan Jing World community participated in honoring Fathers around the world.

The judging criteria were based on creativity, picture quality, aesthetic value, storytelling, and engagement as determined by a panel of artists, visual designers, and photographers.

The judges thanked all of the competitors for their heartfelt submissions and extended their congratulations to the winner.

Honorable Mentions

Epoch Times Photo
“During those tough days in the USSR, our father tried very hard to give us the best education and values we could have, without any internet or any knowledge, but only from everyday hard thinking about how to prepare us for this world. In a time of a lack of moral values, he taught my brothers and I how to truly think about others (when hardly anyone did that), how not to harm others, what is good and bad, and how to be strong in the face of the world’s reality. Today, in a new country, we continue his efforts and educate our kids for good and for moral standards even more, and we want to honor our father and grandpa on his 65th birthday for all he succeeded in giving us, for all that he built inside of us–so we’ll be able to continue his holy craft–guiding young people for good, and building the future generation.” (Submitted by AlexG via GJW)
Epoch Times Photo
A father and his three sons having fun in nature. Despite his difficult work in IT, Dmitry always finds time for education and recreation with his children. He is a loving and true father, so I consider him worthy of the main prize. (Submitted by mitranor via GJW)
Epoch Times Photo
Father and son gazing at the sea. Son: “Dad, this is the Pacific Ocean. On the other side of the sea is mainland China.” The father remained silent, gazing into the distance. Father and son have been separated from their homeland for twelve years. (Submitted by Miner Yao via GJW)
Epoch Times Photo
A son’s happiness is reflected on his father’s face; On the path of growth, Dad is never absent. (Submitted by Evan Ning via GJW)

The Father’s Day photo competition is among several events planned to rekindle the values of family and community, inspire acts of kindness, and stimulate meaningful conversations.

A Gan Jing World spokesperson shared their thoughts on the significance and value of events such as the Father’s Day Photo Awards:

“We understand the power of entertainment in fostering connections and building communities. Through our diverse range of content and discussion forum features, we strive to bring people together, encourage meaningful interactions, and spark conversations that transcend borders and cultures.”

Gan Jing World is a new digital platform that aims to create positive engagement with its community by providing family-friendly entertainment and reminding people of the value of strong family and community relationships in nurturing the mind and spirit. It is an online space free from violent, erotic, criminal, and harmful content. The platform offers a multimedia sharing environment, with a mission of inspiring positive change in the world by exhibiting content that uplifts society.

Its website can be accessed at

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