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Where Is China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang?

Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s chief diplomat has been mysteriously missing from the political scene for weeks. Rumors are rife over Qin Gang’s vanishing act. Was it due to health concerns, extramarital affairs, or falling out of political favor?

Taiwan is reporting a record number of Chinese warships circling the island. What’s driving Beijing’s military flex?

A top American institute is under investigation over its partnership with China for projects that might share cutting-edge technologies in military use.

An infamous Chinese fast fashion brand was taken back to court for stealing designs. But this time, it’s under a law for organized crime.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Where Is China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang?
  2. SHEIN Sued for Copycat Theft Under Racketeering Law
  3. Record 16 Chinese Warships Circle Taiwan
  4. Berkeley Investigated for Ties to China: Report
  5. Yellen ‘Eager’ to Work with China on Debt
  6. Chinese Troops Spotted with Unusual New Weapon
  7. China Loses Population Throne to India: Why and How It Affects Economy?
  8. ‘The Democratic World Can Ride Through Any Crisis’: Babbage on a ‘Much Stronger Push Back’ Against China
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