Netflix Q&A: Amy Poehler


Alyssa Rave, Brandon Chen, and Sandi Khine

Moxie, based on Jennifer Mathieu’s 2017 novel of the same name, is a new Netflix Original Film that will feature our very own AHS! Directed by Amy Poehler, The Apache Pow Wow got the scoop on the film in an exclusive media interview last Wednesday, Dec. 4. 

The filming trucks and closed-off spots of school hardly went unnoticed. Starting Thanksgiving break and continuing over the past week, filming at our school lasted all day every day, even through the rain. So, why was AHS chosen as a filming location? While Moxie was shot at two other high schools as well, production manager Chris Baugh stated, “In Arcadia, there’s a look that we couldn’t find closer into town.” Out of about fifty schools, AHS was singled out for multiple scenes. Besides being a locational match, “facilities open to use for staff” helped the contract form between our school and the production company. Although filming included hundreds of extras on set for the AHS scenes—during school hours, nonetheless—Poehler was adamant that AHS was the perfect location. She stated, “It takes place in a high school, and we could not have found a better high school to shoot in. It has beautiful facilities, the biggest football field I’ve ever seen in a high school, and they’ve been nothing but warm and welcoming to us, so we’re happy to be here!”

Director Poehler, whom is best known by students for her work on Parks and Rec, made her directing debut with Netflix earlier this year for Wine Country, but remains excited to be in charge of Moxie. “This movie is less of a comedy and more of a drama, and it’s about a serious subject matter that is important in schools all over this country right now, which is how to address when there is violence and assault against young women, how to address that properly, and what is it like to be a young woman coming in touch with her rage. We’re calling it a coming-of-rage story. We’re dealing with a heavier subject matter.” 

Moxie is a novel about a teenager starting a feminist revolution in her high school, and Poehler declared, “This book takes place in a small town and is about a young girl who realizes her small voice could make a difference. It’s really just following the story of one young woman deciding to make a small change in her life which then inspires a lot of young women to do the same.” Working with such a powerful message, Poehler said, “It’s really fun to get to work with young women and in projects such as this and to work with young people who are doing things like this. It’s also nice to be back in high school (and not have any tests or any homework)!”

Of course, for such an exciting interview opportunity, there is more to share! Check out Keepin’ It Arcadia’s podcast interview with the complete edited audio, and APN’s special segment below! Pow Wow is happy to bring AHS breaking news, but it will also be publishing a Student Life article on film careers, tips, and advice from this interview soon!

Photos courtesy of Amber Nuuvali, Arcadia Unified Public Information Officer.