Whistleblowing: The Power of the Truth


Phoebe Wang, Staff Writer

Whistleblowing refers to the revealing of illegal actions done by an individual or organization. Many of these lawless acts are simply swept under the rug, as the perpetrator is usually of high rank, and unmasking them is not without consequence. A whistleblower refers to the courageous individual who risks their status, job and sometimes even life to expose such criminality.
Within the last few weeks, I’ve seen several examples of whistleblowing. Some of which include Trump’s issue with Ukraine; a revealing of corrupt officials in the Korean drama, Pinocchio; and many cases in multiple novels and TV shows. Whistleblowing seems to be a grown-up issue, with a serious focus on political and moral views. However, in reality, it can be easily applicable in our own lives.
Bullying is a major issue that is relatively common in students our age. Through this, we can observe an obvious correlation between corruption in adults and kids. Many of those who have power misuse it for personal profit and rarely face punishment, as no one dares to disclose their crime. Bystanders and the victim themselves are usually intimidated and not willing to reveal their mistreatment in fear of further retribution. Speaking out might be difficult, especially against authority or those who may retaliate. However, it is important to uphold such values. By standing against such behavior, you essentially save the victim, build up important morals and show the bully your disapproval. It potentially helps you grow as a person.
Whistleblowing has sparked many controversial thoughts. Trump claimed that whistleblowers acted “close to a spy.” Whereas, others may argue that they are simply taking on the responsibility of bringing wrongdoing to light. As Americans, we are constantly encouraged to speak up for our own beliefs. Delivering rightful justice to those who hide behind their positions is our duty as citizens. It should be the same for all wrongdoers who misuse authority to threaten others into silence.Whether it be adults or teenagers, we all have a voice. Use it. Speak up for what you believe in and don’t hesitate to criticize those in the wrong. Don’t be afraid to do what is right, even in the face of adversity.

Photo courtesy of NBC.COM