Girls Varsity Soccer Senior Night Game


Melody Lui, Staff Writer

The Apache Girls Varsity Soccer team has been winning their games left and right, and with the last home game of the season, the Apaches were expecting yet another win. On Feb. 6, the Girls Varsity Soccer team hosted a senior night to commemorate all the graduating senior members. With mostly senior starting players this game, the girls were determined to win against Crescenta Valley, but the game ended with an unfortunate loss of 0-2.

The beginning of the night started with the opening statements from each senior walking down the field with their family and friends. Many were given flowers as well as posters with small messages of encouragement for the game. And with the last senior walking through the balloons, the game began.

The Apaches used all their energy to try and score a goal in the first half, so that they wouldn’t have to worry in the second half. Unfortunately, CV also used the same tactic and strengthened their defense to stop the Apaches from scoring a goal. With many potential goals from both teams, almost 30 minutes passed without either team scoring a goal. 

However, with 13 minutes left in the first half, CV was able to score a goal, catching the Apaches off guard. Even the spectators were stunned by this sudden goal. With the score now 0-1, the Apaches were determined to end the half with a tie. Defense and offense was strengthened for both teams, but the first few minutes had already drained their energy. Despite Apache attempts, CV managed to score another goal before the first half ended. With two and a half minutes left, a throw-in lead CV to score another goal against the Apaches. The first half ended with a score of 0-2, and Apache spirits down. 

The break was much needed for both teams as much energy went into the first half. Each team had serious talks with the coach to bring their motivation and spirits up. From the beginning of the second half, it was clear that the Apaches were trying to strengthen their offense in order to gain a goal. CV’s speed and strength were a match for the Apaches’. With the Apaches making several attempts to score a goal, CV’s defense was faltering. Despite all their attempts, the Lady Apaches were unable to score any goals in the second half. However, with a strong defense, the Apaches were able to prevent anymore goals from being scored. Even in the last few seconds, the Apaches were trying their hardest to score a goal. As the second half came to an end, the Apaches were unable to get in a goal and the game ended with a score of 0-2; the first loss for the Lady Apaches in League.

Sophomore Varsity Player Tanvi Batra reflected on the game and said, “I do believe we started off strong, but lost the ball a few times midfield. Once the ball reached defense, our players worked very hard to defend. The first goal on us definitely should have been offsides and the second shot started from a free kick which was crossed to the top of the box, then CV got a lucky shot at the top of the 18.” 

The soccer season is coming to an end and the Lady Apaches have had a tremendous season in League, winning all their games except their most recent one. As they go into CIFs, we hope that the Apaches will be able to fight and bring home many victories for Arcadia this year.