AHS Mini Track Meet


Enzo Goebel, Staff Writer

The annual Arcadia Mini Meet on Feb. 22 proved to be a smashing success for the Apaches and provided insight into the upcoming Track and Field season. The meet included a handful of high schools: La Salle, San Gabriel, Schurr, Arroyo, Temple City, Providence, and Crescenta Valley. Out of 64 events, AHS students received 1st place in 35 of them. The following are some highlights from the day.

The AHS meet started with three 4×100 Meter Relay wins. The 4×400 Meter Relays, which happened at the end of the day, were also all won by AHS. These events required speed and teamwork and the students’ efforts paid off on both counts.

In the 1600 Meter Run, Varsity runners Jacob Hsu and Katarina Weisinger took the gold. Jacob would reappear during the 800 Meter Run where he took 2nd place, behind fellow teammate Quinn Hettich (who took 1st). The longest event, the 3200 Meter Run, was conquered by Frosh/Soph teammates Stephanie Wang, Starr Morales, and Grace Lee (in that order). Varsity runners, William Kelley (a sophmore) followed by teammate Matthew Ho, would take the Boys 3200 Meter Run. 

The sprinting events were no less exciting or challenging. Despite this, Varsity runners, Emilie Sung followed by Jane De Prima, headed the Girls 400 Meter Dash. Nathan Wang outran the competition in the Boys 400 Meter Dash.

Ariana Zhou and Shriya Velichala finished the Girls Frosh/Soph 200 Meter Dash (in 1st and 2nd places consecutively) as well as Emilie Sung and Syrai Yarborough in the Varsity race. Additionally, Alan Zhao followed Aiden Johnson in 1st for the Boys Varsity 200 Meter Dash. It is worth mentioning Dylan Tran, who lost to his opponent in the Boys Frosh/Soph by only 0.02 seconds!

The shortest event, the 100 Meter Dash, was won by Frosh/Soph runner Dylan Tran, Girls Varsity runner, Syria Yarborough (followed by Morgan Talor), and Boys Varsity runner, Alan Zhao (who beat teammate Aiden Johnson by 0.01 seconds, and teammate William Chen by 0.04 seconds!).             

According to the distance Coach Chris Lee, “times will drop and the PR’s will come as the season progresses and we put in the work.” If his words prove to be true, the Apaches have the potential to dominate not only in the upcoming season but in the league.