Athlete Feature: Zane Hoegel


Enzo Goebel, Staff Writer

On the court he’s decisive, aggressive, and as a leading point scorer on AHS’ Varsity Basketball team, Zane Hoegel, always finds a way to make the basket. When he isn’t competing, he’s a friendly and approachable senior who has his eye on the future. However, one thing is for sure, basketball never leaves his mind. 

Zane first picked up a basketball when he was 8-years-old. He watched the game as a kid and got hooked. Now, with four years of varsity under his belt, he is one of the top players in the league. 

His coach, Nick Wallace, gave insight into why that may be, “He’s a coach’s dream, and his mid range shot is money.” 

As Zane puts it, “he’s driven, driven to be the best.” His work ethic shows it as well.

Zane said he practices everyday, sometimes even “4 to 5 hours a day” to perfect his game. When he isn’t playing basketball, he’s watching it and studying it. Zane strives to be number one, although he admits it is not an easy feat to accomplish: 

“The most challenging part of the sport I play is consistency… A lot of players can’t come out every day with the same mindset.” As an athlete, Zane must show up to every game ready to compete from start to finish. 

Despite what Zane has already achieved, he knows he still has a long road ahead of him. He looks up to his dad, and the late, great Kobe Bryant to guide him. 

He said, “I try to mimic the stuff they did in their everyday life, to copy everything they did, to use their mindset, and work ethic” to improve himself. Furthermore, while he is proud of how hard he battles during games, and that he is a strong shooter, he still isn’t satisfied with his play. If anything, he’d like to make his defensive skills stronger.  

Looking back on his four years at AHS, Zane is grateful for the friends he has made and the knowledge he has gained. He remembers being a freshman on the Varsity team, and having the opportunity to learn from “the veterans” and “soak in everything” so he could apply it to his game. As a senior, Zane is now on the other side of the picture, and tries his best to help his younger teammates.

Zane’s philosophy is simple, yet true, “I believe that hard work can get you anywhere, in basketball, or whatever you want to do in life.” 

As for the future…? “I want to play basketball as long as it lets me play,” said Zane. At the moment his sights are set on the San Gabriel Valley All Star Game, and past it, college. To put it plainly, Zane’s passion for basketball, and the tremendous talent he has, is inspiring. Best of luck Zane and Go Apaches!