3/9 Varsity Badminton v. Walnut


Claire Li

Melody Lui, Staff Writer

It’s badminton season, and the Arcadia Badminton team started off with a bang! With an impressive record of 24 wins last season, the Varsity team is expected to achieve even larger goals this year. On Mar. 9, the Varsity team went against Walnut High School, who had new Varsity players, increasing the uncertainty in the matches. However, the Apaches were expecting a win, and in the end, their expectations were met when the Apaches left with a win of 15-6.

“Walnut got some new freshmen that only strengthened their team,” Varsity player Michelle Gao stated.

Walnut showed their teamwork and strength during warm-ups, increasing the tension on the court. The Apaches got off to a rough start as Walnut scored multiple points on the Apaches, surprising them with the unexpected attack. However, the Apaches did not seem fazed and immediately adapted to Walnut’s playing style. Realizing that Walnut was not to be underestimated, the Apaches began to strengthen their offense and their defense as they struggled to gain the momentum against Walnut’s formidable team.

Each game was not very long, averaging about two sets per game. The speed was picking up very quickly as the games got more intense the closer the scores got. Toward the end, the Apaches were winning by multiple points, and a third set was not needed.

Michelle reflected on her game,  stating that, “I thought I played decently during the game, although the players I played weren’t very skilled,” while also stating that Walnut’s Varsity team, “only had a few players who could play really well, but in the end, they still didn’t come close to beating us.” 

Varsity junior Melody Yang said that the team was nervous about this game with Walnut. “We actually had to play with a secondary lineup because so many players were injured and exhausted from a tournament on Saturday. But considering the score, our team as a whole did very well and exceeded expectations,” she stated. Reflecting on her own game, Melody said, “I think my offense was pretty solid and my smashes were good during doubles.”

Although the Apaches struggled in the beginning, they managed to pull through and win despite the number of injured players. Our Badminton team has always had a good reputation, and we know they will continue to make the Apaches proud by bringing home more wins. Last year, the Apaches won all their games except for the game against Diamond Bar. With the Apaches playing Diamond Bar again this season, we wish the Apaches the best of luck and hope they take in the championship!