Methodist Hospital In Need of Protective Equipment


Leslie Chen, Staff Writer

As the healthcare system strains to meet the challenge of COVID-19, many medical professionals on the front lines report a shortage of equipment. Due to widespread panic-buying of masks and other protective gear, hospitals have been running dangerously low on necessary supplies. Arcadia’s Methodist Hospital has asked for donations of essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The hospital has announced that it is accepting donations of the following PPE: single-use face masks (no homemade masks at this time), N95 or KN95 masks (NIOSH-certified), non-latex nitrile gloves, paper or plastic medical gowns, hand sanitizer (60% alcohol), and disinfectant wipes. Donations will be accepted directly at the front desk in the hospital’s main lobby. For large quantity donations, please email [email protected] for drop-off instructions.

In a note, Methodist Hospital expressed its gratitude towards the community, who have “responded so generously with donations during the COVID-19 pandemic… [helping] to ensure our ability to provide uninterrupted, high-quality health services.”

AUSD recently shared on its social media pages that the district donated 80 N95 masks to Methodist Hospital “to support the heroes working in our community to help others.”

These donations will enable the hospital to “adequately protect patients, physicians, nurses, and other clinical staff, as well as help reduce the spread of infection throughout the community.”

The hospital is also taking further preventive measures to ensure the safety of both staff and patients. All patients and visitors will now be evaluated for COVID-19 before entering the building. On its website, Methodist Hospital shared that “anyone with a temperature above 100.4℉ will not be allowed to enter the building, and will be directed to contact their personal physician or to visit the Emergency Department.”

Strict restrictions have also been placed on who can enter the hospital. There will no longer be underage or overnight visitors. Additionally, each patient is now allowed only one visitor; if the visitor leaves the building during a 24-hour period and comes back, they must re-identify themselves and be re-evaluated for COVID-19 in order to re-enter the hospital.

It is now mandatory for visitors to wash and sanitize their hands for 20 seconds before entering or exiting a patient’s room. Methodist Hospital urges visitors to “remain in the room… and refrain from moving in and out of the room, standing outside the room, or meeting in a waiting room.”

We are all so grateful for the brave men and women on the front lines at Methodist Hospital, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if it’s a small donation, please consider supporting our healthcare workers in any way you can.