Staying Fit Indoors


Lilian Chong, Staff Writer

Do you ever wonder what effective things you could do at home besides watch TV, play video games, and browse social media? Staying fit indoors was probably your last option, I’m guessing. Now that most of us are distanced from playing a sport in and out of school or participating in some type of physical activity, we tend to lose the significance of exercising. Taking a stroll around your house, stretching your arms to the infinite sky, and getting your heart pumping with cardio exercises are some ways you can effectively spend your hours at home!


The cat pose, the chair pose, the cobra pose; there are too many poses to even list. Moreover, there is nothing more soothing than obtaining a morning stretch. In yoga, the incorporation of both breathing and concentration dismisses problematic mental factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression, and brings in physical benefits like low risks for injuries, balanced metabolism, and increased flexibility. In addition to yoga enhancing the connection between the mind and the body, it helps one build strength and awareness. This indoor exercise is perfect for those who struggle to cope with everyday difficulties.

Tai Chi

You might think that Tai Chi is only for older adults; in fact, it’s used across the globe with various ethnicities and age groups practicing it! The idea of Tai Chi is somewhat similar to yoga. This martial art is not only used in defense training but also heavily involved in meditation and concentration. Improving one’s strength, flexibility, balance, and well-being, Tai Chi serves lots of physical and mental benefits and it’s a great way to cope with stress and mental issues. 


Most workouts tend to be very intense and triggering. However, if we were to break down these different types of drills, it could be less daunting for some:


Running on the treadmill is equivalent to jogging on the track. It’s a great way to substitute for an outdoor jog. This indoor workout can provide lots of health and mental benefits such as keeping in shape, obtaining a motivated mindset, building strong, improved bones and joints, and increasing the strength of the heart. 

Muscle Workouts

You might have heard about squats and arm circles when doing warm-ups because these exercises work the muscles. Similar to jogging on a treadmill, muscle workouts keep you breathing and sweating vigorously. To intensify the workout, you could include equipment such as a dumbbell or a jump rope! The benefits of these drills are plentiful such as building body strength and muscle mass.

Cardio Workout

There are other alternatives to working out if you don’t own a treadmill such as a cardiovascular workout! Besides jogging outdoors or running on a treadmill, you can always input a workout video onto your screen and start exercising! Moreover, this type of fitness exercise includes lots of health benefits such as reducing risks for heart diseases and illnesses and reducing stress. 

Moreover, Freshman Selina Ho suggested, “Over this break, I decided to be productive and work on my body. It ensures that I will stay in shape since we don’t have an active class as we do in school. It’s a great way to keep the standards given at school going while we stay fit at home.”

Setting aside social media, video games, and homework, staying fit indoors can be a great way to take a mental break. So whether you have a day off or when the weather isn’t quite the friendliest, take some time to acknowledge exercising and your well-being.