How Sports Teams and Athletes are Helping Those Affected by COVID-19


Zoe Lin, Staff Writer

Since the sports world has come to a halt, concern is being raised for arena staff and workers. With games and events being either cancelled or postponed, arena workers are being affected by the loss of wages. Here are what some sports teams and professional athletes are doing to aid those affected by the suspension.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, promised to pay all arena staff within American Airlines Center when the postponement was announced. After Cuban made the commitment, other teams and athletes, such as Kevin Love, Joel Embiid, and Blake Griffin, have followed suit and presented plans to compensate workers.

Jeremy Lin, currently playing in the Chinese Basketball Association and former NBA player, donated $150,000 to UNICEF to aid them against the pandemic. Additionally, Lin donated another $150,000 to the China Foundation “to get medical equipment to Wuhan” according to Sports Spectrum.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers implemented a fund to compensate over 2,800 Staples Center workers that staff NBA and NHL games, including team statisticians, announcers, and dance teams. Anthony Davis, player for the Lakers, partnered with Lineage Logistics to help Staples Center staff find other work while the NBA is suspended. They will also contribute $250,000 to Feed the Frontlines LA, “an organization that is aiming to raise money to purchase food from local restaurants to deliver it to hospital workers” according to CBS Sports.

Players and coaches from the Golden State Warriors are donating $1 million to a disaster relief fund directed to Chase Center staff.

“The men and women who work our games at Chase Center are critical in providing an incredible game-night experience for our fans. As players, we wanted to do something along with our ownership and coaches to help ease the pain during this time,” stated Steph Curry, Warriors guard.

Josh Kroenke, owner of the Denver Nuggets, brought some relief to workers at the Pepsi Center, Paramount Theatre, and other venues when he announced that Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE) will be supporting those affected by the pandemic. In a press release, Kroenke stated “KSE will continue to pay its part-time and hourly employees for the next 30 days. We also have asked our vendors and partners to do the same.”

The threat of the pandemic has provided the world with a plethora of consequences, one of them being its effect on large and small businesses alike. In many companies, especially those in the service industry, diligent employees are being temporarily laid off due to the postponement of events. These past few weeks have proved to be a trying time, but many are providing support and aid to those affected by the virus to get through this unprecedented time.


Graphic Courtesy of DALLASNEWS.COM