Online Enrichment Courses


Lilian Chong, Staff Writer

It is difficult to find methods to keep yourself busy in a productive manner, especially when there’s no access to a local library or bookstore. Ms. Ogle, AHS’ librarian, has created a Google site that allows students to easily access websites that offer a variety of books and enrichment sources on a digital platform. Thus, if you are one who fears to lose your reading skills or knowledge, then fear not!

Sora App

Most of the English teachers have provided an online app on Google Classroom for their students to access. Provided and funded by our district, the Sora App ranges its book genres from juvenile fiction to folklore to literature and varies its book levels from K-12. On this app, small achievements and awards are distributed once you complete a task. For instance, if you decide to return a finished book early, then you will receive a “Pass It On” pin in your achievement board. The app also provides an option for you to listen to audiobooks while following along; this option only applies to some books. Just like how you would check out books at a library, the Sora App only allows you to hold and loan three novels at max. There is also a wishlist button where you can also hold your desired books if there is no space in the hold section. Once you’ve borrowed a book, the book automatically falls under the loan button. Every book can only be checked out for 13 days before it automatically becomes available again. 

Gale App

Gale App is also an educational resource that allows students to access newspapers, magazines, eBooks, primary source documents, and videos or podcasts. When you first click on the link, the site requires a password that you would need your teachers to provide to you. This app is primarily useful for students who are planning to research in-depth about a topic for their project or assignment. The subjects on this app range in varieties so you wouldn’t need to worry if the course you are looking for is not provided. 

History and Science Channels

Some channels that I found very useful during the school year were Crash Course and Heimler’s History. As you can figure from the channel name of Heimler’s History, Mr. Heimler focuses on assisting all AP history students who are looking to get a better understanding of historical topics. Crash Course is a very popular channel amongst our age group and assists students in both Biology and world history. Aside from their animations, John and Hank Green primarily focus on helping teachers and students by highlighting the core factors of each topic. 


TedTalk is another popular and educational channel that I often watch and listen to during my leisure time. To access these inspirational videos you can either check out their website or their YouTube channel. Brilliant and inspirational kids come from different backgrounds to confront the world about their recent discoveries and accomplishments. Some adults recall history and connect the past with their speeches, and it becomes not only inspirational but also informative. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity for both teens and adults to take the moment of obtaining knowledge from what these inspirationists have to say. 

Overall, online enrichment courses can provide a variety of options for students to choose from. Next time, if you are anxious about how you will do on your next exam or are figuring out ways to improve your reading habits, try looking forward to these tips and sites, and I guarantee you will improve your academics!

Graphic courtesy of ENZOLIFESCIENCES.COM