The Great Arcadia Takeout Project


Emily Banuelos, Staff Writer

During this pandemic, many restaurants and other public places are struggling to survive because people are only leaving their homes for necessary errands. To help local businesses, a project team of 12 AHS ASB students with the help of two administrators decided to reach out to many businesses around the area and create a website containing all their information of fixed store hours, location, payment methods, phone number, and delivery services for restaurants. The students behind this project include Filbert Aung, Elena Chan, Shannon Cheng, Stephen Dai, Michelle Dong, Briana Hui, Sky Lam, Benjamin Oh, Elisha Wang, Nina Wang, Andrew Wu, and Christina Xu with each having an important role to making this project happen with the project advisors, Mr. Press and Dr. Tung.

Junior Class Senator Elena Chan explains, “When were inspired to start this Great Arcadia Takeout Project due to the realization that many of the small businesses around our area may be struggling due to this pandemic, and we wanted to help out by reaching out to certain restaurants and grocery markets about advertising their new business hours and information regarding their business. We also wanted to inform our city about the safety precautions that should be taken while ordering takeout since there is a concern of a risk of transmission while picking up delivery/groceries. We created a graphic along with a website to advertise for small businesses and help inform families about information regarding takeout and delivery services.”

Sophomore Class President Briana Hui adds, “Because of COVID-19, many people are not aware of takeout and delivery services that they can use to support our community. In an effort to raise awareness for local businesses, ASB decided to create The Great Arcadia Takeout, which is a website that features over 35 restaurants with takeout and delivery services. In order to incorporate the latest information available, the website features a Google Form that allows individuals to submit restaurant updates, such as business hours, or even add more restaurants.”

The website is organized by food category making it easy to find a place to satisfy one’s cravings. For example, if one wanted boba, one would go click on the “Small Eats and Drinks” title and various places would be listed below such as Cup of Cha, Tannca, and the Loose Teas. Some eateries offer discounts as well for either students or paying in cash.

I highly encourage everyone to order from one of the listed places on the Great Arcadia Takeout website because it will help our community greatly and can give one a break from cooking as well. For more information go to


Photo courtesy of STYLECASTER.COM