Virtual Vacationing


Brandon Chen, Editor in Chief

Even as we’re all stuck at home, there are so many other ways to “travel” without leaving your couch! From watching travel films to Google Arts and Culture to visiting everything from National Parks to museums, you can experience the wonders of the world from the comfort of home!




      1. Google Arts and Culture is a hidden gem that allows users to explore the world. Virtually experience the United States national parks through a series of photos and stories. From Yosemite Valley in California to New York National Parks, Google has it all. With 360-degree videos, tour the space shuttle in virtual reality, explore Carnegie Hall, or view art museum pieces all from the comfort of your couch. No more waiting in lines!



      1. Take an interactive journey through the Great Barrier Reef with Sir David Attenborough as your tour guide! As the legendary British historian and narrator for Planet Earth, Our Planet, and many more, Attenborough showcases the stunning views of thousands of fish species and coral, appreciating the reef’s beauty from a dry home.



      1. As festivals, concerts, and performances will be and have been canceled due to the current health crisis, many artists are taking to social media and the internet to share their work and play live for fans. NPR has compiled a list of live-streams from around the world, so go check out these artists and enjoy some live music!



      1. Ever wanted to visit France or see the Mona Lisa? Well, now’s your chance! Take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum and observe selected works without the hassle of flying halfway across the globe.



      1. Who built Stonehenge? Where did it come from? While this 360-degree virtual tour may not answer those questions, it can let you take an interactive view from inside the monument, or witness a live view from within.



      1. More from England! Visit the iconic residence of the Queen and immerse yourself in the throne room and “walk up” the grand staircase! Live like royalty from the comfort of your home!



    1. Visit China’s most iconic landmark and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. With over 2,000 years of history and more than 3,000 miles of stone, run along the Great Wall and experience its history!


As Alexis Alford, the youngest person to travel to all 196 countries, puts it, “These virtual experiences may not compare to the real thing, but it can remind us how much there is to look forward to.” These are only a handful of virtual experiences available right from the home. Take the time to explore, learn new things, and immerse yourself in new cultures!


Photo courtesy of SANJUANJOURNAL.COM