Underrated Artists to Check Out


Kali Tam, Staff Writer

Listening to music is, without a doubt, an integral part of many peoples’ lives. And if you’re anything like me, keeping your playlists fresh with new music is just as important. So if you want to look for different artists to listen to, here are several who I’ve discovered on Spotify in the past few months; some of whom are on the brink of making it big, while others are still hidden gems. 



20-year-old German-Canadian singer, bülow, started her musical journey as a busker at the age of 11 and has garnered a lot of attention due to her unique musical style, which is often described as a blend of indie-rock with synth-pop vibes. Her candid and sharp songwriting skills also draw in many Generation Z’ers by touching upon issues that they face nowadays — insecurities, problems in relationships, and the desire to escape from realities.   


My favorite tracks: “Lines”, “Get Stupid”, “Two Punks in Love”



Many artists kick start their careers by posting covers on different streaming platforms, and suggi is no different. The Korean-Canadian singer built up a small but loyal fanbase on Youtube with his takes on popular songs in the Korean music industry, such as those from Blackpink, as well as many from U.S. pop charts. He started releasing original music a few years ago, and while most of his songs seem to emit a very positive and soft sound, his lyrics tend to dive deeper into many personal stories, such as his mother being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. 


My favorite tracks: “get u a bunny”, “astroboy”, “bunny do” 


Alaina Castillo: 

Growing up in a bilingual household, Alaina Castillo wanted to be able to integrate her Latino heritage into her music by singing both in English and Spanish. Like suggi, she also had humble beginnings from her YouTube channel, where she would frequently post covers and ASMR content. Castillo’s angelic and dream-like voice soon attracted the attention of Romans, a producer who has penned many hits for other stars like Demi Lovato and Clean Bandit, and has begun to amass over a million plays on Spotify and Youtube for many of her songs.  


My favorite tracks: “sad girl”, “pass you by”


In an age where many mainstream artists may start to sound the same, it can be refreshing to hear songs from lesser-known artists, so happy listening!

Graphic courtesy of PINTEREST.COM