West Coast Show Choir Virtual Finale


Jenny Qiu and Ariana Parizadeh

Although performers were among those hit hard by the coronavirus, our Choir has found a way to deliver one last performance that will also help contribute to the performing arts community.

Mrs. Amanda Svetich, AHS Choir Director and Assistant Orchestra Director highlights that although she is “saddened for our students and our programs” she is “constantly looking for opportunities to help.”

That opportunity came when Choir was offered to be broadcasted in the West Coast Show Choir Virtual Finale. This virtual showcase will give viewers an opportunity to “vote” for individual choirs. Those votes will be monetized, with a minimum donation amount of $5 and no maximum donation amount. They will be able to choose the amount they would like to give when they vote. This money will go through a non-profit organization that works with arts programs in public schools and, once the event is over, will send checks to the schools who received contributions.

Chanteurs’ division will take place on Thursday June 11th starting at 6:00pm. To view live go to www.showchoir.org.

We hope you’ll be able to tune in and support AHS’ Choir!

Graphic courtesy of AHS Choir.