Personalizing a Blog Page


Lilian Chong, Staff Writer

It would truly be phenomenal if you had something to reflect on, perhaps a photo album or a collage. But what would be beyond remarkable is looking back at your personalized blog page. Based on your creativity and inspiration, your blog can range from your daily school-life to your unique hobbies. It’s great to reflect as an alumnus, alumna, or as adults on a blog page that had once covered themes about your passion or your school routines in the previous years. Moreover, starting a functional blog only requires minimal steps, depending on how personal you want to get.

Choosing the Perfect Site Builder

Before deciding to start typing up your blog, you want to choose which site builder would best suit you. When searching “site builders” in the address bar, you will notice that various site-building websites will pop up on your screen. It never hurts to try two or three websites listed. Personally, I find that works well for starters, especially if you are unfamiliar with the tools on a site builder. You can also experiment with other popular sites, including,, and, to get familiar with the idea of how blogging works. Some sites will allow you to begin your blog journey by taking a short quiz. For example, when you first enter, the website will ask you to take a survey. The site will be able to provide you with multiple website templates based on your preferred answers.

Choosing the Themes

There are numerous topics you can choose from when typing up your blog page. If you decide that you have multiple themes to write about, then a suggestion would be to use a broad topic such as your school-life or your personal life. Such things may include writing about your daily routine–morning or night–your first driver’s license, your first job, or even a suggestion page for underclassmen. Some narrow topics can include your hobbies: sewing, baking, gardening, playing instruments, or playing sports. Senior Charisse Liu, who has recently started a fashion blog and a small business, says, “I’ve been sewing for a while, and all my creations have been accumulating in my closet. I figured that if I can’t wear them all, then other people can give them the love they deserve.” Her blog covers the most recent fashion trends, her sewing experience, and embroidering tutorials. Besides the latter topics, you can even write about your life experience as a minimalist or maximalist. The themes you can opt from are endless, so choose what’s best in your interest. 

Getting Professional

If you are not comfortable or satisfied with sharing your lifestyles or routines, then you can consider writing a professional page. It’s a great challenge for those who want to take a notch further with handling marketing or business issues. Such ideas may include selling products or writing suggestion articles–an example would be In the end, if your professional blog becomes recognized, you might as well become one of the youngest blog writers!

A Checklist Before Publication

Once you’ve finished with your main page, meaning your brief biography and your website name are present, you have completed the initial steps. Keep in mind that your blog page should be updated frequently so that your viewers won’t believe that you have abandoned your blog. Always check to make sure that you reread each blog before publication because it becomes irritating to find that you have to republish your page because of the three grammar errors you overlooked. To be slightly professional, you can include your business info such as an email, contact number, or a mail post address. Lastly, include pictures and photographs of the topics you’d like to talk about so that your viewers get an understanding of what it is you are explaining. It would be strange to know that you are reading a blog post about donuts without the pictures displayed, right? If you aren’t sure whether your website is ready for publication, you can always refer to the sample overview. A sample overview will allow you to preview the site as a viewer. 

The following suggestions will hopefully convince you to start a successful, functional blog page that you could reflect on in the future. Remember, it’s never too late to write about your life or share your experiences. Just make sure that you have a passion for something and that you want to make that passion known!


Graphic courtesy of SALESFORCE.COM