Hair Trends of 2020


Emily Banuelos, Staff Writer

From 2019 hair trends to this year’s hair trends, a lot of styles have left and a lot of new ones have come. For instance, a hair obsession of 2019 was low ponies, and now it’s all about the beach waves or leaving the natural mane down. As for hair color, the more bold and blonde the better, especially with summer. The six biggest hair trends of this year that top celebrity hairstylists have confirmed are listed below. 

1. Front Bleached Hair Streaks

Hairstyles are always changing with seasons, but this summer hair trend that everyone seems to be loving is the front bleached hairstreaks. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa have been seen rocking this hair trend on social media, as well as other influencers like Emma Chamberlin and Vienna Skye. 

2. Short hair 

Long locks are out, and short hair especially bobs are in. According to Niccole Casamssia, a stylist at the Nexxus salon in New York, “Women want more versatility and can easily achieve a sleek and sophisticated bob with the right length for their face. Or, if they cut it to hit collarbone length, they can add tousled texture for a more youthful and casual look.” A simple way anyone can achieve the effortless texture looks is by using the Nexus Between washes Air Lift Dry Texture Finishing Spray before going out which will add volume to one’s hair on non-wash days.

3. Beach Waves

Creating the perfect beach wave look can be challenging but investing in a good straightener can really help. To get the effect of the soft, tousled, and relaxed waves, frankly clamp down on a small section of hair before twisting your wrist and pulling the hair through. This should enhance your beach waves and then finish with a textured spray or dry shampoo for definition and movement.

4. Bangs

Adding bangs to any hairstyle can give more of an edgy and cool vintage vibe. Curtain bangs are the move for face-framing bangs according to Fitzsimons, with retro styles gaining popularity. Adding layers to your hair with the curtain bangs will also make the look very chic and easy to pull off for any face shape.

5. Showing Off Natural texture

It’s important to improve your natural hair rather than damaging it with heat tools. Showing off the natural afro, straight, or wavy hair is also loved by many because it shows confidence in one’s culture. For accentuating curly hair, Celebrity hairstylist and R+Co Collective Member Ashely Streicher recommends using the R+Cos line of shampoo and conditioner because they are made from natural ingredients such as aloe, shea butter, and algae extract.

6. Hair Accessories

Whether it be a pearly or diamond clip, simple hair accessories can really dress up an outfit and basic hairstyle. Adding a large scrunchie or headband is the perfect day to day hair. They are easy to work with and very affordable. For the best hair accessory inspiration, check out Justine Marines Instagram account, where she posts super-chic and perfectly accessorized styles constantly. 

Hairstyling is always fun to experiment with, and there are always new trends coming, so don’t be afraid to try one out! Also, with COVID-19 many hairdressers are closed so, let out your inner hairstylist with some DIY hair coloring and styling.


Photo courtesy of REFINERY29.COM