Stay Active!


Sean Yang, Staff Writer

As this school year goes on, students are becoming more and more accustomed to spending around six hours of the day sitting on their chair. Although students may not be allowed to move around during class, there is one thing students should pay attention to during their curriculum. Is it formulas? Rhetorical devices? No, it’s posture, and you should do a posture check right now. Even though we are stuck indoors, we should still be staying active during this time as sitting for too long is not beneficial for your health.

As we are stuck sitting down during class periods, one thing all students should be focusing on is their posture. Maintaining good posture means having your chin parallel to the floor, hips even, a neutral spine, and having your body weight equally distributed on both feet. Good posture will help prevent the spine from becoming misaligned as well as keeping the joints and bones in proper alignment. If one does not keep good posture as they are growing, it can result in muscle imbalances and impaired breathing as time goes on. Thus, it is vital that we as students maintain good posture to promote a healthy lifestyle in the future.

Other than keeping good posture, students should be getting up and moving around during passing periods. It is important to get up and just move around for a bit in order to prevent underlying health risks caused by sitting down too long. Some of the negative effects of sitting too long are increased blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and obesity. These can all contribute to a higher chance of getting cancer in the future. Hence why we need to get up and move around even if just to stretch your legs. 

English teacher Mr. Matthew Woodin encourages both good pressure and good posture as both he and his wife do their best to maintain good posture while teaching. A simple tip he gives is to tilt your computer screen so you can stay head level in order to have good posture. Mr. Woodin also gives breaks to his students in order to allow them to get up and stretch. 

“I also encourage students to use their longer breaks to (as weather/air permits) to get outside, walk, check on older neighbors. The point being is that we need to be active and we need to know that folks care,” said Mr. Woodin.

Physical Education teacher Mrs. Ashley Frandsen also suggests that students should have good posture during their online meetings. “Having good posture is important and all-around better for your body,” said Mrs. Frandsen. She also suggests this link to learn how to maintain a healthy posture.

Students also know that it is important to maintain good posture and stay active as it is essential when growing. “I regularly take breaks in between my classes and always try to maintain good posture,” said senior Scott Phu. “I usually skateboard while social distancing when I have free time,” said senior Edwin Shum.

Maintaining good posture and taking breaks is only one part of staying healthy. It is also important to get enough exercise in order to stay fit. Whatever activities you may enjoy, just remember it is very important to stay active!


Graphic courtesy of FREEPIK.COM