The New Esports League at AHS


Catherine Chan, Staff Writer

According to AHS Listserve, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) announced a historical addition to the CIF-sanctioned sports, an esports league. With such unprecedented times in the COVID-19 pandemic, esports will provide a safe opportunity for students to now compete in the very sanctuary of their own homes.

The new esports league at AHS will be coached by Zack Barrone and William Lai, AHS Class of 2015.

The CIF’s esports league will consist of SMITE, League of Legends, and Rocket League. Many students and athletes are excited about this new addition to CIF sports. As expected, the esports league will have to compete in tournaments as do other CIF-sanctioned sports. In preparation for when they must begin competing, they will play once a week and create a club team as well.

It is believed that the league will have three games through the platform they use. The games on these platforms include SMITE, League of Legends, and Rocket League. At this very moment in time, there are 20 colleges that are currently offering scholarships for those who participate in esports. Additionally, UC Irvine has already opened their new arena for the new esports league on their school’s campus.

AHS believes that esports is a fantastic addition to the CIF sports community.

Barrone said, “esports at AHS is something new and that we have never tried before in the history of our school, yet I am feeling excited for an amazing season with new beginnings.”

The detailed organization creates a healthy environment for the students as they are scheduled to partake in their club team once a week until further announcements. This action is hoped to not only engage the students with a new league but also regulate gaming habits and encourage the students to not game every single night. Since the beginning of quarantine and possibly before, many student-gamers have taken gaming seriously and as a routine. With the esports league, students will be actively engaged and involved with their club team for weekly practices, shifting their focus from their hectic gaming schedule each night of the week.

Within the next few days, the new esports league will be sending out information through email and through the new AHS app. The season has officially started as Oct. 1 marked the beginning of a new addition to CIF-sanctioned sports. The tournaments are beginning as well, with the first tournament play being on Oct. 16.

Coaches Barrone and Lai will soon be conducting a couple of informational meetings for both students and parents to attend to get to know their new esports league better. Overall, the AHS esports team is looking optimistic to a bright future and reputation as well.


Graphic courtesy of DREAMSTIME.COM