Video Games & Exercise


Audrey Sioeng, Staff Writer

On a crisp autumn morning, the sun streaming through half-opened shutters wakes you up to the splendid music of songbirds at eight twenty-fi– oh shoot, you’re going to be late for class! You leap out of bed, definitely pulling a muscle, and quickly think, “Dang, I should work out,” before bustling on with school and homework and more homework and dinner until your brain goes kaput at 2:00 a.m. Such is quarantine life. But, upon further reflection, you never did get to working out.

This was me, not too long ago. No matter how much my mom harrangued me to run at the park or swim in the pool during the summer, there was always something more appealing to do: a text exchange with friends, that Youtube video, sleeping. As such, my life continued to consist of two places: my room and the kitchen. That is, until my younger sister dusted off our old Wii.

Perhaps it was the competitive streak within me, but I simply could not resist grabbing a remote and, well, finally exercising. The two we play most are Wii Sports and Wii Fit, and although the games are older, they continue to engage and challenge my entire family. The games on Wii Fit only allows for one player at a time, but it always is hilarious to watch your parents die wiggling their hips in an effort to keep the hula hoop on the screen up. Believe me, it just doesn’t get old.

Other than Wii Fit, there are also some more modern games that can help you exercise, one being virtual reality (VR). Tom Martens from the Los Angeles Times claimed that because of VR workouts like “Beat Saber” and “Supernatural” he was able to relieve his back pain, and that “right now, if it weren’t for virtual reality, [he] probably wouldn’t be getting any exercise”.

There are tons of simulations out there, some being a virtual gym, a rhythmic dancing game, and shooting games that all allow you to exercise—some being more sneaky about it than others.

Another option is the ever-popular “Just Dance”. Although you may feel somewhat foolish at first, it’s easy to quickly become immersed in trying to get all the moves right. And, if you ever find yourself reminiscing about get-togethers with your friends, it can also be tons of fun to set up a video call and do the same dance together.

No matter what you choose, though, you really can’t go wrong. All of these games are super fun while also allowing you to get in some much needed exercise. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to start playing a game while putting off a bit of homework. After all, Mom, exercise is important for my health and makes me smarter!


Photo courtesy of GAMESPOT.COM