Athlete Feature: Ashley Lin


Kate Larrick, Staff Writer

Senior Ashley Lin has been swimming competitively for upwards of ten years, and although she does not intend to continue her athletic career in college, her life has undoubtedly been shaped around the sport. 

The time commitment that comes with being a Varsity level swimmer is often underestimated. To compete at the level that these athletes do, year-round training and very few days off is crucial for improvement. Most swimmers on the Varsity team are also a part of a club team. 

“On my club team, we practice six days a week for two to three hours each day,” Ashley said. “We typically have two practices, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for two of those six days.” 

Since the morning practices take place before school, Ashley is often in the pool before the sun comes up. 

“I definitely don’t love waking up at 5:00 a.m., but it’s the only way I’ll continue to drop time and make the cuts that I’m aiming for,” Ashley said. 

Six afternoon practices and two morning practices adds up to a grand total of eight practices a week, which does not include the practices during sixth period. Even for club team members, swimming during sixth period is still mandatory. 

“We usually only end up swimming for about 40 minutes since we need time at the beginning of the period to get dressed,” Ashley said. “Even so, it really is a commitment.” 

Ashley’s efforts during practice have been evident in her performances during every high school season she’s been a part of. She has placed at the Pacific League Meet every time she’s attended, and she was a vital part of the Girls’ Relay Team that competed at CIF. Ashley’s best event is the 100 yard backstroke. 

“I’ve been drawn to backstroke ever since I started swimming,” Ashley said. “Sometimes, I get annoyed with a plateau in my times and I consider changing my designated event, but there’s really no event I love more than a solid 100 back.” 

Unfortunately, her junior year season was cut short, but Ashley has continued to keep active. 

“I managed to find an open pool nearby where I can still swimsocially distanced, of course,” Ashley said. “I’m no longer practicing at the intensity I was last year, but I’ve been staying in shape and I mostly just swim for fun.” 

A senior year swim season for Ashley appears to be unlikely, but only time will tell. If luck is on her side, she’ll have a chance to end her swimming career on a high note.


Photo courtesy of Ashley Lin