Post-Election Trump and the Republican Party


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Lilian Chong, Staff Writer

After four years of the Trump administration’s influence over the Republican Party, the GOP in all positions have lots of thinking to do in regards to how the party will move forward with its platform and political values. Trump’s right-wing populist platform has challenged many long-held GOP beliefs. Even though the GOP has traditionally been the party of free trade, it has stood by Trump as challenged trade deals and imposed tariffs. Trump has also fundamentally changed the GOP’s platform by appealing to blue-collar workers, traditionally Democrat-leaning voters, by promising to expand industry and bring back manufacturing. He refuses to concede his defeat even after the election projected Joseph R. Biden Jr., his political rival, as the winner. As for the party’s loss against the Democrats, many begin to wonder where the Republican Party’s traditional values will end up once the former president departs from office. 

Although Trump tweeted numerous times about the presidential election being a “hoax” and calling the entire process “rigged,” Twitter claims Trump’s tweets are misleading. The app has linked several articles claiming that voter fraud is exceedingly rare and that there is no evidence of voting systems deleted. Even with attempts to reclaim his presidential role by falsely claiming voter fraud and threatening to file election lawsuits, the adamant president refuses to concede as he and his administration will face innumerable reckonings in the coming future. 

Under four years of Trump’s presidency, many can agree that the president has, thus far, been one of the least transparent presidential candidates in modern history. By now, the Trump administration is encountering an extreme dilemma in facing an open government and a smooth presidential transition. However, in order for a “smooth” transition to happen, the president must provide the sources he has currently concealed from the public eye, such as the precise coronavirus case numbers, to the next president-elect.

It seems that the incumbent’s tantrums have created a chaotic presidential transition as Trump recently removed Defense Secretary Mark Esper from office. As a result, concerns also remain in National Security being undermined during this seemingly chaotic transition period. With failure to concede to his defeat in the election, Trump’s unpredictable decisions will continue to lead the nation towards a hectic path. 

Moreover, the stiff-necked Trump is distraught about the transition as it would lead him and his administration towards a very tortuous route. As he encounters his transition from president to an American citizen, many predict that Trump is to be drowned in lawsuits and criminal investigations. If that was not enough to exaggerate his potential reckonings, Trump could be consumed by hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. 

Soon enough, once the president leaves office, many predict that Trump will become a diminishing figure to the American public. As for the Trump loyalists who wave their flags and banners proudly in tribute to honoring their so-called “savior,” they, too, might also face an identity crisis once American democracy strengthens again. Though Trumpism fades from many Trump loyalists’ eyes, some Republicans will have the incentive to help untangle their “prestigious” public figure from the accumulated debts and lawsuits over the four years of his incumbency. 

As Trump’s four-year term comes to a brief ending in nearly two months, the public remains curious about where the figure may be in the coming year once president-elect Biden has settled into the presidency. As ironic as it seems, although Trump has filed lawsuits against the election, he himself will be drowned in accumulated debts and suits from years ago, even before his presidency.

Whether or not the “Trumpism” Republican Party will erode once Trump loses influence, the problem shan’t remain a concern if the orange incumbent will not have the power to continue torching American democracy. 


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