Sophia Chen, Lego Master


Braden Wong, Staff Writer

In a turn of events that have drastically changed her life, nine-year-old Singapore resident Sophia Chen may have struck the deal of her life with publishers in the U.S., in an announcement that was made earlier last month.

It all began with an inspiration that came from a familiar story of familial love: she sought to help her younger six-year-old sister, Natalie, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. In teaching her sister how to stay focused and entertained, the helpful Sophia decided to teach her sister how to build with Legos, a venture that would eventually lead to Sophia’s co-authorship of the book Amazing Animals: Creative Brick Building with Step-by-Step Ideas. As the title suggests, the book is comprised of 30 step-by-step instructions about constructing animal characters, which have helped her and her sister grow as they have spent countless hours together building. While simple in concept, the book is an incredible feat for any child of her age, and quickly gained success as deals were established for it to be published by Post Hill Press and officially released this month in the United States.

While sometimes it may be hard to stop and think about the importance of love and kindness in the midst of AP studying and quickly approaching finals, let pleasant stories such as these serve as the perfect inspiration for imagination and generosity. Perhaps instead, let us all remember to care for our families and offer acts of kindness, for they may just come full circle.