On Opinions

Braden Wong, Staff Writer

There has never been a time when I have not believed that my opinion could not be challenged. Any opinion, after all, by definition, cannot be held with complete certainty. However, while sporadic arguments and challenging each other’s opinions should be embraced as an absolute certainty, there is one particular stance that is dangerous to hold in any dispute.
Not having one.

Opinions can grow to be the causes of arguments, fights, and even wars. As students in the classroom, we are often instructed to “think outside of the box”. But it is hard to see just how far this mantra holds true. Unpopular opinions are nowadays “shut out” by those who may dislike it or are afraid to share, especially on the political scale. It seems as if we are afraid of engaging in arguments, to the point where ambivalence has become preferred over articulation, silence over speech, complacency over consideration. However, responses to these actions are often just as bad. Censorship only entices more rebellion, and accusations, with or without any base, are thrown at each side. As any side begins to lose ground, it resorts to insult to glorify their cause in light of “the worse one” rather than through reason.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.” As history perpetuates, arguments that spiral out of control are not necessarily won by the amount of factual backing one side has, but can be by the sheer number of supporters on a side. With a conflict raging on over words, it is important to not be caught in the midst of the conflict. Insults, attacks, persuasion, destruction, and even logical arguments will be flowing both ways, a crushing wave of force- <,>but only if you stand in the middle. But whatever beliefs one may have, it is crucial to research, develop, and stand by them. Not only will it make oneself smarter and more well-informed, but it will save them of the emotional arguments from both sides.
And yes, this is just an opinion.