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Sarah Wang, Writer

Senioritis: “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” It’s real.

In fact, the tendrils of the senioritis monster have wrapped themselves around this very article—one that is several days late. As second semester begins, many of AHS’ seniors find themselves falling prey to this very dangerous affliction.

In some minds, senioritis is every senior’s right to relax and let loose. After all, they’ve worked hard for the last three years, and after an exhausting semester of college applications, they need a break.

Typically, this manifests in a noticeable lack of motivation to complete homework, try hard in school, or even attend school at all. Like many other high schools across the country,  AHS’ attendance office is most likely dealing with an influx of “sick” notes signed by parents, or even by the over-18 seniors themselves.

However, most seniors cannot afford to truly cave in to the temptation of letting go of school work. In the third quarter, courseload does not lighten in the slightest, especially in high-level AP classes.

Speaking of AP classes, the sky-high $110 AHS students are charged to take the May AP exams can be worth the money. By paying a few hundred dollars for their AP tests, seniors can save thousands of dollars in pricey college tuition if they earn a qualifying score on the exam—usually a 3 (out of 5) or above.

Every senior experiences some level of senioritis, but it is truly up to each individual to decide how to react to it. Take senior Aditya Bhawal’s artfully penned thoughts on senioritis, for example:

“To say that ‘senioritis affected me’ is a mundane sentence, doing no justice to the reality of the situation. Senioritis permeates every filament of my soul. It feels as though my motivation and ambition was once a majestic plane, soaring through the Seven Skies, only to crash and burn during the second semester of my senior year.

Will I get rescinded? Who knows. I just need to keep at most three B’s and I should be fine. I plan on taking a B in AP Literature, AP Physics, and possibly AP Calculus BC, but we shall see. Maybe I don’t get into college at all, and I don’t even have to worry about rescission.

I’ve noticed that my attendance chart on Powerschool has been filled with more “I”s lately. Not because I was ill or anything, but because I am a factory. A factory of excuses. “Stomach flu” one day, “Fever” the next. Whatever I need to let me sleep in at home and sit alone in my room and contemplate my final couple of months here at AUSD.

Of course, there’s hope. Senioritis may be affecting my attendance and grades, but it has not damaged my passion for my friends and extracurriculars. I still want to do well in my competitions, organize a sick Code Day, and spend time with my friends. I guess when the apps are gone, you realize what truly matters to you.”

Though senioritis may be tough to overcome, it will all be worth it come graduation day, when the class of 2019 donned in cardinal red and gold, accepts its hard-earned diplomas. So, hang in there, seniors—just a few more months!