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Unusual Chip Flavors

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Unusual Chip Flavors

Cadence Chen, Staff Writer

Let’s face it. The world of chip flavors is exciting and can also get extremely weird. Chip brands—including Lays, Pringles, and others—have been pushing out more and more uncommon flavors you might’ve never even heard of! From more mild flavors, like a Caesar salad flavored chip, to downright unique ones like Cappuccino chips and blueberry chips, enter the world of unusual chip flavors.

Red Caviar (Russia): First of all, if you didn’t know, red caviar is fish eggs. Yes. This is a fish egg flavored chip. Why, Russia?

Cinnamon Bun (Canada/USA): Chips are supposed to be savory. So, why would Lays choose to create a cinnamon bun flavored chip? This flavor was created through the Lays contest, where people turn in strange combos of flavors for Lays to create. The winner gets money, and has their face and name printed on a chip bag. But, weren’t there better flavors submitted? Why did Lays choose cinnamon bun? Don’t get me wrong, cinnamon buns are great, just not in chip form.

Kiwi (China): Oh dear. We are entering the fruit flavored potato chip series. The point of chips is that they’re supposed to be unhealthy. So why are you trying to make them taste and seem healthy? No one will be be fooled by the “cool and refreshing” flavor of the kiwi chip. Besides, that’s just odd. The strangeness of the kiwi chip might even beat the cinnamon bun chip.

Blueberry (China): What is with China creating chips that are supposed to taste like fruit? If you want fruit that badly, just go eat the real thing. I think China needs to reconsider it’s chip flavors.

Lemon Tea (China): China really just can’t get enough of fruit, can they?

Borscht (Hong Kong): Borscht is a Russian soup made with beets. Yes, beets. So, this chip is basically a beet-flavored chip. We’re making a root vegetable taste like another root vegetable. That’s like making chicken taste like beef, or celery taste like a carrot. What’s the point?

After looking through this list of strange chip flavors people actually eat, what do you think? “Chips are great. But, I will admit that some chip flavors are so weird, that I don’t understand the people who either come up with the idea or buy the flavor,” admits freshman Kirsten Fuu. Personally, for me, I think I’ll stick with the “classic” flavors. You know, sour cream and onion, cheddar, salt and vinegar, and lime. You can’t go wrong with those flavors.

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Unusual Chip Flavors