Student Trends

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Student Trends

Anya Yang, Writer

Trends come and go frequently, but what are Apaches into right now? Take a walk around campus, and you’ll probably notice a few things!

First on the list are Hydro Flasks. The famous double-walled vacuum-insulated water bottles come in a variety of bright colors, and many Apaches adorn theirs with personalized stickers representing their hobbies and interests. Freshman Zoe Bui said, “I like my Hydro Flask because it keeps my drinks cold or hot. It’s a little pricey, but overall a great investment– especially if you do a sport!”

Another popular item amongst students is the iconic Fjallraven Kanken backpack. In at least one or two of your classes, somebody probably owns one. These Swedish backpacks were first designed to support students’ spines but became popular due to their appearances in huge retailers like Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. However, sophomore Sophia Huynh said that the straps are “a bit too skinny” and “can cause chafing around the shoulders.” The price is also quite hefty, and it can cost upwards of $80 for one!

Similar to the rise of Kankens, another expensive trend is Apple’s iconic wireless AirPods. Students all over campus can be seen flaunting these $150 earbuds, and if you stop by a tea house or cafe after school, you’re bound to see students studying with these floating in their ears. Sophomore Josh Mar explained that he likes AirPods because they make “listening to music easier” and they’re convenient!

Another equally pricey trend are Birkenstocks. Otherwise dubbed as “Jesus sandals”, these shoes are known for their distinctive sole-patterning and arch support. Many Apaches can be seen wearing their comfortable Birks in brown, white, black, or another colorful hue!

Moving onto a less costly trend, many Apaches can be seen wearing Brandy Melville. The Italian brand caters towards teenage girls and young women, and is well-known for their one size policy and ‘basic’ designs. You’ve probably seen graphic tops with simple prints, color-blocked windbreakers, and striped pants. These are all Brandy Melville staples, and the brand is growing even more. Freshman Pauline Tong said, “Although it’s known for being basic, I think their quality is pretty good! The prices aren’t too bad either.”

The last trend is a rare niche that only a few students inhabit– the Hypebeast trend. Brands like Supreme, Yeezy, Off White, and other luxury labels are purchased and resold around campus. Freshman Isaiah Jun explained that the “excitement of Supreme drops” and refreshing new items make the hype worth it.

However, following trends isn’t what makes school fun! It’s interesting to participate in what’s popular, but remember that trends come and go quite often. So continue sporting those Birkenstocks, keep toting that Hydro Flask, and do whatever makes you happy!