Things to Do When You’re Alone

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Things to Do When You’re Alone

Alex Kim, Staff Writer

As a whole, people tend to put a lot of negative feelings toward the idea of being alone, and we are especially overly concerned about how we are perceived when there is nobody with us, but we shouldn’t be. There is nothing wrong with spending some quality time to get to know yourself, so here are some things that you should do when you have the chance.

Try something, anything

Sometimes it is difficult to explore in everyday life, and when there are other people around, you may not feel completely free to do everything that you want. Therefore, take advantage of the time you have by yourself. Turn on some nice tunes and then try to experiment in the kitchen. Watch YouTube videos, look up recipes online, and turn your home into a mini cafe or a gourmet restaurant. If you mess up, no one is watching. You’re only dealing with your own hungry self. If not some cooking or baking, try to invigorate your creativity! Get some paints or a notebook and pencil so you can paint something or try writing a story. If you’ve ever wanted to take a dance class before, consider entering one of LA’s many walk-in studios such as Athletic Dance Garage and learn a short, fun, dance combo. Everyone in the class is dancing for themselves and focused on their own body so you don’t have to worry about being judged. Lastly, if you have a cause that you are passionate about, look for volunteer opportunities. It may be an exciting and fulfilling experience!

Get out there

Get out of your house once in a while and go for a bike ride. If you have a car, it’s also great to drive out to a nice place by a beach to bike. This is freedom at its finest! On the same note, take your camera with you, and just look at the world around you to see what you can find. Go out to a concert by yourself, and just enjoy the music with similarly engaged fans around you. Shop at a mall, and you can go to all of the stores that you want! You don’t have to worry about waiting for people to try on clothes, and you also don’t have to worry about other people waiting for you, too. Also, while you are there, stay for a movie at the theater. Pick any seat, and cry as much as you want.

Take your time

Visit a museum or an exhibit. There you can move on at your own pace, and if you want, pick up one of those audio guides to listen to. Go to a cafe and drink some coffee with your laptop, a journal, or a nice book. While you’re out, you can also get some of your errands done and feel refreshed afterwards. Look through a bookstore, and take time to read the summaries of the books that catch your interest. Take a long drive with your windows down and good tunes blasting. If you’re at home, give your room a much-needed makeover, and listen to a new podcast while you’re at it.

Treat yourself

Since you’re by yourself, choose where you want to eat. Order some takeout or eat at a restaurant. While it does take some courage to eat by yourself, walk in and order with confidence. Treat yourself with a nice work out at the gym or at home. Do something good for your body once in a while to feel better! Give yourself a nice spa day and also buy a cool bath bomb to take a super long, relaxing bath. Lastly, allow yourself to let loose and do all the embarrassing things that you want. So sing loudly, dance wildly, and live freely.

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