AHS Athletic Booster Club


Zoe Lin, Staff Writer

AHS’ Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit parent organization that plays a vital role in the success of AHS’ athletic programs. Michael Stiles, former AHS Athletic Booster Club President and current Varsity Badminton Head Coach, stated that the Booster Club’s purpose is to “raise funds through a variety of avenues and seek to encourage parental support of AHS Athletics.” The Booster Club fills the gap between district provided funds and the amount needed to successfully run the athletic programs.

The club supports AHS’ athletic programs primarily by obtaining funds. Mr. Stiles shared that the Athletic Booster Club “raises funds through three primary avenues.” Its first avenue is searching for membership through monetary donations toward certain sports programs. The club’s typical donation amounts range from $50 (General Member) to $500 (President’s Member). Donations come with added privileges, with the President’s Membership including VIP parking behind the AHS home bleachers for all football games, two annual passes to all home games for all sports, and dinner for two and a sponsorship mention at the annual fundraiser. All of the membership donations are given to the designated sports program selected by the donator. Additionally, the Booster Club hosts an annual adults-only dinner and fundraiser. The event holds both silent and live auctions to sell donated items and services. 

Finally, the Booster Club’s most significant avenue is the AHS Booster Club Summer Sports Camps. The Athletic Booster Club is in charge of running the camps each year. During this past summer, there were a total of 16 camps in 14 various sports, ranging from water polo to pep squad. The duration of each camp differs from four to six weeks, and the costs range from $140 to $250. All camps are staffed with coaches from AHS. Additionally, the club holds other smaller fundraisers throughout the year.

Though the club has contributed generous funding each year to AHS’ athletic programs, it is “completely independent of the school and the district,” according to Mr. Stiles. It does not hold any influence as to how the sports programs are run, nor does it have any control over coach and coaching staff decisions. Parents and coaches meet on the third Wednesday of each month in AHS’ multipurpose room at 7:00 p.m. to discuss up-to-date information about sports teams.

With its funding, the Athletic Booster Club plays an integral role in contributing to AHS’ high-performing athletic programs. Its supplemental funding is used to purchase uniforms, equipment, and pay for salaries. Not only that, but the club’s funding has also contributed to the reconstruction and renovation of AHS’ athletic facilities, such as the baseball and football fields. The Boosters have also helped equip the weight and training rooms, and fence the boys’ soccer area. The club primarily depends on contributions made by parents, alumni, and the community as a whole. With its continued support, AHS is able to continually run its successful athletic programs.