Discovering our Dignity


Lilian Chong, Staff Writer

Stressing to figure out solutions to cope with hardships or get through an exasperating week? The various feelings of stress may seem unmanageable and frightening to deal with. However, stress only manages to take over when we have unwanted care for our bodies. Thus, practicing self-love and giving what our bodies deserve minimizes the deep thoughts of anxiety, harsh feelings, and fear. 


Releasing Tensions in Your Body

To release out stress and anxiety, our bodies essentially need a tremendous amount of time to recover from those harsh circumstances. Stage one is where our bodies enter a moment of both stress and tranquility. Although stress and tranquility are being compressed in this stage, the power of tranquility will soon succeed to overcome the light power of stress. Managing stress can be coped with a variety of different methods. Freshman Class Vice President Christina Xu shares her knowledge of how she copes with external works in ASB to rigorous school subjects, “When I’m stressed, I write down a list of assignments on a Post-It and cross it out when I’m done. Writing it down makes everything seem a lot simpler to me and easier to deal with.” Stress, as it sounds, seems overwhelming and powerful and the descriptions are as true as reality is. Christina also quotes, “Stress isn’t easy to deal with but I take things one at a time. When you cut your workloads into small tasks, it makes everything much simpler.”


Practicing Peace of Mind

Peace is essentially what breaks stress from constant disturbance to our bodies. By introducing the power of tranquility in our bodies, we tend to gain benefits such as a relaxation in our minds and finding true self-identity. The consistent practice of meditation and yoga can bring deep concentration and lessen the thoughts of unwanted stress. During the process of such, anger and undesired feelings are released. As we remove these harmful feelings from our bodies, our muscles begin to relieve tension and soon we start to experience a thoughtful and positive mindset. 


Caring For Our Bodies

If our bodies need sleep, then give them some rest. If our bodies need entertainment, then allow them to have enjoyment. These concepts are essential to consider when we start practicing self-care. Sometimes, feelings of achiness or weariness from constant working can withdraw a sense of happiness and joy. Take the time for your body to sleep, and if it means sleeping past your normal schedule, then do so because rest is essential for our bodies to function well, as it keeps them alive and brisk. Another factor to consider is providing our bodies with a treat. A craving meal, a shopping spree, or even a hobby are great examples of rewarding our bodies. Freshmen Selina Ho quotes her experience of dealing with stress, “I cope with stress through exercising, staying calm, and doing hobbies.” Other upperclassmen who deal with academically difficult classes and outside curricular such as Speech and Debate and sports often experience severe stress. Sophomores Oishika Chattopadhyay and Tanvi Batra also share their experience of stress. Oishika shares, “I enjoy sleeping, venting to friends, and having my own time to myself,” while Tanvi quotes, “I love making people laugh and always feeling content.” With these mindful concepts of self-care, the relief of stress will significantly reduce.


Keeping a Tidy Environment

If the environment you live, sleep, or dream in isn’t quite the place you are looking for, then try tidying up the place, so it makes you feel clean and upright. Some prefer living as a minimalist while others prefer living as a maximalist; it all comes down to personal preference. Sometimes a messy, unkempt room can add stress to our bodies because keeping a clean area allows us to access items more efficiently. Thus, keeping an environment tidy can not only undo the potential effects of stress but also allow us to feel appreciated. 


As we begin to notice our bodies lean towards positivity and self-value, we begin to understand that practicing self-care is what takes place. Start learning to heal your body and provide some love because that’s all it needs! 


Graphic Courtesy of FEMINISMINDIA.COM