The Hype Behind Pumpkin Patches


Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

During the fall, families and friends enjoy going to a pumpkin patch together to spend an afternoon. At this point, we’ve seen so many pumpkin patch photos on Instagram that it is out of the question whether the trend of taking photos with pumpkins will ever die off. Typically, pumpkin patches are far and, therefore, inconvenient to visit. So, is it really worth the long drive this holiday season? Here is a detailed background on the concept of pumpkin patches and whether they are worth a visit or two.

The most obvious point of visiting a pumpkin patch is to buy a pumpkin. This is for good reason because the experience of choosing one pumpkin out of an entire patch is more enriching than just choosing one at a local supermarket. If you take Halloween very seriously and want the perfect pumpkin to carve, visiting a pumpkin patch is your best option. According to Odyssey, it is very enjoyable to “walk up and down rows and rows until you find your perfect pumpkin.” Once you find that perfect pumpkin, you will not have wasted a trip to a far pumpkin patch. 

Taking photos at pumpkin patches to get the perfect Instagram post is also why many people love making the long trip. We’ve all seen the basic, yet cute, photos of people posed on a block of hay, with a pumpkin in hand. However, photos by the corn maze turn out just as, if not more, amazing. Once you see a corn maze, things become all too familiar. Exploring a corn maze, and taking photos in one, is the perfect adventure to go on with family, or the perfect fall date idea. Sometimes, pumpkin patches turn corn mazes into a haunted house, which can be really festive and get you in the Halloween spirit. 

As you can already tell, there is much more to do at pumpkin patches than just taking photos and looking at the same type of pumpkin over and over. The main reason why many families enjoy bringing their children to pumpkin patches is because of various activities, like the petting zoo. I personally recall visiting one just for the purpose of checking out the petting zoo as a child. Goats, chickens, and other farm animals are featured in these petting zoos, and it can be a great place to create memories, which is why the area is always so crowded. Snapping some pictures of the adorable animals, or getting the chance to pet them is always a wonderful experience. Senior Ethan Mac discusses his experience, “I go to a pumpkin patch every year so it always brings back happy memories. I love the environment and the happy vibes it gives off.” 

Although it may seem silly and childish from the way pictures and other posts carve them out to be, pumpkin patches are simply a nice place to spend time with the ones you love. The vibes of these patches are cheery, similar to that of Christmas tree farms. Even if you don’t have a specific reason to visit one, give it a try anyway because you might find yourself having the most unexpected time of your life. Make sure to bring people you know you can goof off with and enjoy it as much as you can! 

Photo courtesy of SFGATE.COM